Dan Haesler's #SchoolOfThought


#SchoolOfThought – A Collection of Essays, Blog Posts and Random Thought Bubbles is Dan Haesler’s first book with 100% of the profits raised from the sale of it going to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in order to support their work in remote communities around Australia.



Whether it resonates, challenges or irritates, it is written not in the hope that readers will like it, rather they will think about it.

He says, “In my keynotes I go to great lengths to stress that whilst I might have expertise, it’s likely I haven’t met them, their staff, their students or their wider community. To be clear, I’m not the expert in their community. They are. So with that in mind, this collection of essays, blog-posts and thought-bubbles are offered by way of saying, ‘Here are some ideas, maybe a bit of research and opinions of other experts. How might you make them relevant in your context?”

The book is split into broad themes;

  • Wellbeing – with a focus on mental health, and societal attitudes towards it.
  • Engagement – the most over-used word in education.
  • Mindset – exploring the theory of Carol Dweck.
  • Techy-Stuff – blogs, social media and how we address technology in schools.
  • Etc. – stuff Dan likes but can’t categorise into one of the above themes.

#SchoolOfThought is aimed at anyone with an interest in education, young people or the future of learning and was recently as high as #2 in Amazon’s Kindle charts in Australia.