Information Technology underpins every aspect of our lives. Try to think of an industry or an activity that doesn’t involve technology in some way. Consider how you feel when lose your connectivity to the digital world...

What we do not often consciously consider is how those systems and technologies support what we do every day. Who builds them? Who designs them? Who decides what next big technology we will all use?

The answer is YOU!

The awesome thing about the technology industry (well there are lots of things!) is that everyone can be an entrepreneur, a leader, an instigator of change. The technology industry needs people of all shapes and sizes, from all kinds of different backgrounds, with differing knowledge bases and areas of expertise. Every individual has the opportunity to unleash their creativity to change the world in ways we can only imagine. The technology job you may have in ten years’ time possibly does not exist yet. Supercool, huh?

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I am Jenine, the founder of the Tech Girls Movement, a non-profit organisation promoting positive female information technology role models to encourage and raise awareness of technology careers options for girls. This book, Tech Girls Are Superheroes, forms the basis for the campaign.

I'm a proud Tech Girl Superhero!

The Tech Girls Movement is a non-profit organisation which is going to change the world. Our goal is to support the development of a more diverse IT workforce, ultimately resulting in better technology for society. We do this by encouraging awareness of tech careers with minds that matter - YOURS! We are particularly dedicated to getting more girls into technology studies and careers.

We present role models and the opportunities afforded by technology careers in a refreshing way, through storytelling. The campaign is unique in that it lasts more than one day or one event, it is long-term, a movement. Dr Beekhuyzen is in a unique position to put the research into practice and lead this movement.


I am inspired daily by technology and those who create it, tweak it, and maintain it. I am super excited to introduce you to 26 fun and talented women who are great role models working in the Information Technology industry. They’ve all inspired me in some way, and they are the future leaders of the technology industry. They imagine IT, they build IT, they love IT! They work hard developing their technology expertise, and in return they get to do interesting, challenging and varied work that keeps them on their toes. And we wouldn’t have it any other way :)

They are the Tech Girl Superhero mavens, and we are here to invite you to join our sisterhood. So to all of you out there who want a rewarding career, who want to make people’s lives easier through technology, and who want to be part of creating the future of the world, then...

Your challenge, should you accept to Join the Tech Girls Movement!