Meet our 2020 Patron – Dr Catherine Ball, aka Ariel

We are delighted that Dr Ball has agreed to be the official 2020 Patron of the Tech Girls Movement Foundation. Her work in STEM education and the future of technology positions her as a champion for our work. As we are about to enter the 5th revolution in history, one which is purpose and human-centred, her work with the World of Drones Congress places people central to technological societal transformation. As we move into this revolution that envisions a sustainable, inclusive socio-economic system, powered by digital technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and robotics, it is imperative that we have leaders such as Dr Ball at the forefront of those conversations. We need to not only create leaders of the future, but leaders of now to take us forward in these challenging times. We are particularly chuffed that she is a proud tech girl superhero Ariel.




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