Successful launch of Tech Girls Are Superheroes on #IWD14

Happy #IWD14! Saturday night was a blast!

Thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate the launch of the Tech Girls Movement and the new book Tech Girls Are Superheroes. 

I’m sure you will agree the entertainment was great – Taiko drums, a funky choir (Redland Rhapsody Chorus) and talented Bollywood dancers (Dance Masala) kept us all grooving!

Many of the #techgirls profiled in the book attended the launch. They had so much fun signing books and meeting Dan – the animator who did such a great job in creating a visual of their superhero alter-ego. Can’t thank you all enough for being part of this.

The photobooth was a huge hit! You can see the fun pics here. Congrats to Women in Tech at QUT for getting the most #techgirl superheroes into a photobooth at once!

Dianne Jeans, the Assistant Director-General for the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation & the Arts has officially supported the launch, her comments:

It was pleasure on Saturday night to attend the launch of the Tech Girls Are Superheroes program. I hold a senior role in the information and communication technology (ICT) environment of Government and fully appreciate the many challenges the Tech Girls Movement is looking at. It was fitting that the program was launched on International Women’s Day, an annual event that started in 1911 to campaign for women’s rights to work, to vote, to be educated and trained, to hold public office and to end discrimination. 

Today, there are more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights, and women are visible as impressive role models in every aspect of life. Great improvements have been made in all fields. We have female astronauts and prime ministers, girls are welcomed into all courses at university, women can work and have a family, women today have real choices.  Despite these roles models and open access to opportunities, here in Queensland women are still unlikely, in the main, to pursue a career in science, engineering or technology fields, they are still a minority across all levels in these disciplines and are not well-represented at the most senior levels.With an economy that is becoming increasingly more reliant on knowledge and digital technologies, and a world that is becoming connected in every sense – we need women’s contribution to all aspects of our future.  

I congratulate Jenine and her Tech Girls Movement team for this and encourage them in their quest to support the development of a more diverse IT workforce that includes a significant representation of women. Programs such as these, led by women who are passionate about their industry’s future, will assure that the future for girls will be bright, equal, safe and rewarding“.

I’d like to give special thanks to Sharon Schoenborn from Microsoft who nominated the Tech Girls Movement as her charity for the funds raised at the Australian Institute of Management #IWD14 luncheon on the 7th March. So excited that she also led the winning team in the debate with her excellent discussion about whether to “lean in” or not (in reference to the Sheryl Sandberg book). Your confidence in this cause inspires me 🙂

Bruce Lee (if that is not a superhero name then what is?) – a long time colleague commented: 

The launch was fantastic. There was one stage where there was so much going on to see with the graphics, entertainment, decorations, great venue etc, there was the sound of drumming and music, and the aroma and spectacle of the excellent food, the book to explore – fantastic atmosphere and lots of interesting people. For a while I just stood back and enjoyed taking it all in. Well done to you and congrats to all involved. It even had real life super-heroes!

All of this could not have happened without the generous support of sponsors. I once again want to greatly thank the sponsors: Deakin University, QUT, IBM, Thoughtworks, Curtin University, Microsoft, Commonwealth Bank, Griffith University, Australian Computer Society, Idealaw, Bioproton, State Library Qld, and Hootsuite.

Congrats also to Jesse Irwin for winning the lucky door prize at the launch – the fitbit donated by Bioproton.

Now it is time to start promoting the book, so please encourage all of the school girls you know to jump online and order a copy of their book. Jewella and the #techgirls will also be making school visits so keep that in mind. You will be able to book soon via the website. 

Thank you! 🙂

Jewella aka Jenine – a proud Tech Girl Superhero!