Sydney launch of TGAS 15 May – A huge success!

It was a Thursday evening the room was full of superpowers. Those 100 or so people in the Sydney IT industry were ready to be creative and have some giggles at 99 on York in Sydney on this very warm May evening. 

The event was proudly hosted by the Australian Computer Society NSW and Salamat as well as the other generous sponsor to date, spearheaded by Kathy Egea, Helen McHugh and Maria Hugo (thank you ladies!). Time to get “happy” – we had a flash mob!

Greeted by Jewella, the creator of the inspiring book Tech Girls Are Superheroes, Jenine Beekhuyzen, gave an overview of the Tech Girls Movement and the book progress to date. Also in residence was Dan Heck, the highly talented illustrator who had fun photo boothing with the IT professionals – who were reading their free copy of the book for the first time.

Nur Oyman and Maria Hugo were inspiring in their stories as Tech Girls, showing that the challenges are worthwhile. They gave the audience a lot to consider when they were faced with revealing their superpower.

We grooved to Sun Comes Out Twice At Night – thanks Jules & Claud for letting us enjoy your fantastic tunes for the night !

Time to create our superhero masks!

We had a fun mask making activity using the talents of Theresa Anderson and Kathy Egea from UTS. Then time to photobooth themselves! So much fun 🙂

Can you spot the Tech Girl Superhero from the book in the above pics?