Q&A Panel on #tech #startups hosted by Microsoft & the Tech Girls Movement 24 June 2014

Calling all tech entrepreneurs!

Are you a tech entrepreneur? Did you know Barbie will be one very soon

This week, three of Brisbane’s most inspiring tech entrepreneurs gathered for the first Microsoft/Tech Girls Movement co-hosted event. #techgirls Petrina Buckley, Danielle Neale and Emma Hossack shared their tips and hints for taking your startup to the next level.

Discussions focused around funding, scaleability and building your personal brand and image.

Some interesting questions posed to the panel included

  • “Are we born to be an entrepreneur or is this something we can learn?”
  • “How do we move our start up to the next level?”
  • “Can we measure Return on Investment ROI of our own efforts and time? How do we do this?”
  • “How can we build a great team around us?”
  • “Is networking key to building your own personal brand alongside the professional brand?”

Three key characteristics of being a tech entrepreneur were identified by the panel as “being authentic”, “having confidence in yourself and your product” and “creating value”.

I learnt that a start up is a company in the pursuit of a sustainable business model, differentiated by a company who is testing and using a sustainable business model.

A key piece of advice was to consider what you want the end to look like. How would you like to spend your days when you get to the point of “success”?

Lots of discussion about viability, flexibility, capacity, creativity….many new ideas, and some attending commented they are now considering a tech startup!

An inspiring night all around. Thanks to the Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) and in particular Luke Swetman in Brisbane for hosting this great joint event with the Tech Girls Movement!

Female entrepreneurs note – the MIC is free for you to use! Contact them today.