Go Girl event 2014 @Deakin Uni 12.8.14

So the day is finally here, Go Girl, Go For I.T. has been running bi-annually since 2006…we have 1300 registrations this year which is a record! & there is pink everywhere. There is a real buzz in the air! I’ve been here for the past few events, and I’m excited!!!

With Karen Stocks MD of Twitter kicking off the day and encouraging us all to tweet via #ITisit, we were off to a great start! 🙂 Great work Fi Slaven, Chair of the Steering Committee of Go Girl 2014! We’re excited for what the day will bring!

Then I got to give my presentation to this awesome #techgirls audience! You girls rock 🙂 Oh and the obligatory #selfie with these cool girls…

Then it was time to set up the tradeshow display and get some superhero help! Morphear (aka Eva) and Scriptrix (aka Monica) helped me (Jewella) set up ready for the girls asking questions..

There was just too much awesomeness to capture!!! This is my fave pic! It captures the day well 🙂

Here are some of my favourite #techgirls superheroes!

You can see the buzz for yourself! 🙂

More of my fave tech girl superheroes! 

We got a great write up here in ITWire...

Thanks superheroes. Till next time….