Wearables superhero cape fit for a Grand Duchess – before Luxembourg and the SME Assembly #techgirls #STEM

With so many inspiring women in tech, there are many stories to tell. Every day we create new histories about amazing women involved with technology. Today I want to talk about Lili Scout.

Lili Scout is a 13-year-old Entrepreneur and is an Ambassador for the Tech Girls Movement. Her mission is to inspire a generation of leaders using a modern approach and by setting an example herself.

Lili started her first business with her brother when she was 10 years old, selling cupcakes and cookies at the local market.

In 2014, her mobile app concept “IdeallyNow” came 2nd at Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast out of 14 adult teams and Lili won the Best Pitch Award.

Lili lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and she works with Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen to inspire young girls to build apps and tech products that will change the world. Every year, the Tech Girls Movement runs a competition called Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero. In 2015, over 130 girls from across Australia participated – building apps for to solve a social problem in their local community.

When Lili knew she was going to be attending the 2015 SME Assembly in Luxembourg, she quickly pulled together a tech girls team and worked passionately over 3 weeks on her first ever wearables project. Lili and her fellow Tech Girls prototyped, coded and sewed to come up with a very special gift – a light-up technology cape – fit for a Duchess!!

Lili will have the cape to present as a gift for the Duchess if she is permitted to do so. A big congratulations to Lili for being an inspiring tech girl and for being a role model for other girls. Here are some photos of Lili and her team of tech girls creating the cape for the Duchess.