Meet Team Pinchapoo from Box Hill State High School. VIC State Finalists #techgirls #STEM

I want to introduce you to Franziska, Hasti, Ananya, Aisha & Phoebe from Team Pinchapoo, they are 13 years old and they are from Box Hill High School VIC.

These girls created a concept for a great app where you everyone of us can help the unprivileged in an easy way, being certain that the donation that you gave will be delivered.

Here is their app description:

Do you want to help the underprivileged but want an easy way to do so?

Do you want to ensure your money and goods are going to a good and trustworthy cause?

Then Pinchapoo app is for you! Pinchapoo is a charity which supports those who cannot afford toiletries and with the Pinchapoo app donating is only a few clicks away.

Screen shots for the prototype developed:

It’s simple, download the app for the Google play store and begin donating. The Pinchapoo application is an app built by students at Box Hill High School and includes all locations which accept donations, image taking features to share what you would like to donate and the capability of cash donations from your phone. If you want to make a difference the Pinchapoo app is for you!

All the ideas are mind blowing huh?! Stay tuned to meet the next team 🙂