#techgirls meet Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg #STEM

What a year it has been for the Tech Girls Movement and it was capped off by a successful trip to Luxembourg in November on an invitation from the European Commission to their annual SME Assembly conference bringing together policy makers and entrepreneurs from across Europe (+ 3 Aussies!).  We presented the Tech Girls Are Superheroes campaign and our youth entrepreneurship program (Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition) to Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg who hosted the conference. 

On hearing about our invitation to Europe, Lili and her team of tech girls created a wearables light up superhero cape in the hope of giving it to the Grand Duchess. We left you in the last blog post hoping to meet the Grand Duchess.

So… Lili and I met the Grand Duchess for around 5 minutes. Lili gave her a copy of Tech Girls Are Superheroes and the wearables cape and the Grand Duchess asked “can I wear it?” In unison we replied, “YES!!!” And we have the pics courtesy of the European Commission to prove it!

Lili did a super job as Ambassador representing the Tech Girls Movement!

This is the before and after of meeting the Grand Duchess 🙂 Just a little excited!

Danielle and Lili convinced me to wear the cape to the opening reception – because after all the cape is brilliant and it deserved a wide audience! I was very proud to wear it. Everyone wanted to talk to the fun Aussies – we surely made a splash in Europe! 🙂

Thanks to Lili and Danielle for coming on this Tech Girls adventure with me!

Us Aussies certainly made our mark on European entrepreneurship!

Love this pic with Andre who invited us to the conference. He ran one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. A huge task for 500+ delegates but a job very well done.

We met so many incredible people at the conference. Very inspiring and many friends made.

And finally, here’s an overview of the SME Assembly in Luxembourg. I spotted our TGM Ambassador 13yo Lili Scout 3 times – once at the reception at the European Investment Bank where she was invited on stage alongside the European Commission delegates, once on stage when she won the twitter competition, and once alongside Jewella and mum Danielle when it was announced that she won the tweet competition! 🙂

This is all very overwhelming so thank you to everyone who has supported the Tech Girls Movement over the past 2 years. I couldn’t do any of this without you. My successes with TGM are your successes. So be proud superheroes, time to kick it up a notch! Happy holidays and I look forward to the next exciting adventures in 2016! 🙂

Jenine / Jewella xx