Jewella’s adventures #1 – Spreading the #techgirls message in #Europe #STEM

I’m excited to share my recent adventures with you. I have just returned from a very productive and fun trip in Europe. 5 countries in 3 weeks where I was invited to present on my research around online communities, entrepreneurship, gender and information systems. I also was able to spread the word about the Tech Girls Movement and the Tech Girls Are Superheroes campaign.

In this blog post I will talk about the first half of my adventure.

First stop, the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi in northern Finland literally on the Arctic Circle. This is where Santa Claus comes from 🙂 I was invited by my long time colleague Professor Jonna Hakkila (aka Snowflake Girl). Jonna’s team are working on a Digital Health Revolution project and one aim is to build an online community. As my PhD research was in this area and I’ve published papers about how to take offline communities online, I was invited to present my research to the team.

Here are a copy of my slides from the presentation.

Second stop was the University of Munster in Germany, where I have visited my research colleagues twice before. This year the prestigious European Conference for Information Systems was hosted by the University in Munster, and I was invited to be the keynote speaker of the Womens Networking event. This event received the most registrations ever at the conference (135) and it was launched by the Department of the Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and Media of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. The event was well attended and was a fun way for early, mid and senior career researchers to meet and interact. The current President (Helmet Krcmer) and the President-Elect (Jason Thatcher) of the Association for Information Systems also attended. Congratulations to PhD Student Elena Gorbacheva for organising a great event.

My slides from the presentation are here.

I also was part of running a track at ECIS on Diversity and Inclusion in the IT workforce. The room was full and the discussion fruitful! Great presentations by colleagues, a great success!

I am also running the same track at 

ACIS in Adelaide in December 2015

ECIS in Istanbul in June 2016

See you there!

Stay tunes for part 2 of Jewella’s European adventures soon!