Jewella’s adventures #2 – Spreading the #techgirls message in #Europe #STEM

After leaving the ECIS conference in Munster, Germany I ventured south across the Alps to Zurich where I was greeted by 30+ inspiring and courageous female entrepreneurs.

I was introduced by superhero Dr Niz (aka Zia) to the fabulous Jessica Fabrizi, who is without a doubt the #1 networker in Zurich. Jessica organised a mini-conference with a group of incredibly talented women who live in Switzerland and are from all over the world.

We had a great event at local hotspot Neo where we discussed the benefits and challenges of being an entrepreneur in a global marketplace. I was greeted warmly and was myself challenged by questions raised by attendees and by those who interviewed me (3 interviews in an hour before kickoff)…Who is Jenine? is probably the most difficult question I was asked…

Of course I love to talk about the Tech Girls Movement so the first interview was with Sheila Eggmann who writes for Swiss Ladies Drive (it will be available in Swiss-German soon – I’ll post). Then I was interviewed by the fabulous international business coach Fabiola Leon who runs Bridge the Gap2Success: the video interview is posted below.

Lastly I was interviewed by Gionvanna De Marco who writes for Emirates and an Italian fashion magazine. Great questions! I’ll let you know when it is published as part of a feature on global entrepreneurship. Best part was that I was invited to do a photo shoot on a beautiful sunny day in Zurich. Not something I do every day that’s for sure. Here are a couple of my favourite pics.

The photographer Lino being photographed, and Giovanna the writer dealing with the local wildlife 🙂 This was a busy pathway too!

Some of the cool wall designs in Zurich…

After a truly beautiful time in Zurich I had 2 VIP meetings at the European Commission in Brussels with Director Generals for Agriculture and SMEs. These meetings came about after I emailed people I found on the EU website. It turns out you just have to ask 🙂

Oh and a superhero has to have some fun! 🙂 What an excellent adventure!