Announcing Tech Girls Are Superheroes 2! A new adventure book to inspire girls into #STEM #techgirls

It is with much excitement that we announce the second book in the Tech Girls Are Superheroes series to be launched in 2 weeks time on the 8th of March, International Womens Day!

Building on the success of the original Tech Girls Are Superheroes book launched 2 years ago, with 20 000 free copies distributed in the past 2 years, it is time to keep the momentum going with this new exciting book!

We bring you a new series of superheroes including Gnostika, Thrivia, Cythena and Outrage to name a few, with some surprise visits in the book from some of the original superheroes including Jewella, Dixi, Babelbish, Team QUT and Team Microsoft. We are very excited to bring you stories by Enthusiastica, alter ego Sara Price, winner of the 2014 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero with her app Positive Penguins (20 000 copies sold at 12 years old!). You can also read the adventures of Team Pawsout from St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, winners of the 2015 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero with their app that matches teenagers with dogs that need walking in their local community.

The 2016 book features the stories of 27 women in science and technology careers and their superhero avatars, such as Queensland-based scientists Mathilde Desselle, aka Dynazap, and Dr Maggie Hardy, aka Serendipita, uncovering precious molecules from a secret lab to develop tomorrow’s new medications and food solutions. Our partners Gemma and Valeria at Diverse City Careers are also featured alongside superheroes from Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, Denmark, Norway, France, the United States, and Switzerland! 

Team Google have joined our sisterhood, and they are hosting the launch of the new book at Google HQ in Sydney on the 8th of March. With 20 000 more books on the way, we can’t wait for you to read the continuing adventures of the Tech Girl Superheroes!

Stay tuned for more info 🙂