A teacher’s experience in the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero @tracyslee6 #techgirls #STEM

We at the Tech Girls Movement just had to post this message we received from one of our valued teachers / coaches in the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero. Thank you Tracy for sending this, as we know other teachers / coaches are feeling the same. We thank you all for your tremendous efforts this year!

Just dropping you a line to let you know we are almost there with our submissions, from knowing what seemed like very little at the beginning of April to now with just over a week to go. We had never heard of App Inventor, didn’t have an android device and our coding skills were very basic. I have to say the learning, challenges, laughs, frustration at times, elation and pride experienced by all of us has been worth it. Two teams, seven year  six girls, two awesome mentors in Kristina Alberto based in Sydney who is about to give birth any day now and Karen Hutchinson based in Melbourne who arranged for our Golden Girls Team to visit her company’s work office in Brisbane (Rockwell Automation) to take part in their First Robotics Link Up with teams of students they sponsor in other states. This company was so welcoming of our 11 year olds and showed a genuine enthusiasm and interest in their app idea, Bin Possible. Of course there was also the highlight of linking up with you at EduTech and listening to the Baroness. We have also been following your SanFrancisco experience with great excitement on Instagram.

I visited Google, Intel, Adobe, Apple and Microsoft while on a study tour to attend ISTE in 2014 and remember thinking how I would have felt if had the chance to visit places like this as my younger self. It was so inspirational and made me smile to see the PawsOut Girls have the time of their lives during their San Francisco visit via social media. Thanks for sharing so much. You must feel very proud.

When I heard about this awesome movement you have created and attended the showcase event last year I knew for the sake of the girls I teach we just had to enter. Yes it’s been difficult and very challenging at times (I am no spring chicken) but with little more than a week to go, although we know our entries are not perfect as coaches, mentors and teams we have grown. We have been sharing our story via our school newsletter,  and will do a presentation on parade.  The girls are very excited about the showcase event and most will be able to attend. 

Kind regards,

Tracy Sleeman.

(Coach: Golden Girls)