Go Girl, Go for IT rides again! @deakinUni #techgirls #STEM #anygirl4IT

Last week we participated in the biggest event on the Tech Girls Movement calendar, the biannual, ‘Go Girl, Go for IT’ event, held at Deakin University in Melbourne.  

This year was our fifth Go Girl event.

We’ve been participating for a long time and we love the day so much.  This year we had almost 2, 000 girls come from far and wide onto the University campus to meet a whole bunch of incredible women working in STEM to hear them speak, to learn about how technology can be used in so many different areas, and to excite them about the possibilities of the future of working in technology.

Our very own Jewella did back-to-back presentations to more than 300 girls, talking about the importance of failure as a necessary means for success.  Celebrating many of the success stories of the search for the next Tech Girl Superhero in her presentation, Jewella inspired and encouraged the audience to think about the possibilities of the future and what type of contribution they could make with technology.  Then, our superhero looked after our expo-stand amongst thirty other companies, where girls came to get their Instagram selfie photo, a show bag, and a whole bunch of Tech Girls goodies.  


This is such an important event and we’re so glad to participate.  If you want to know about our research on these events for the past ten years, go to www.techgirlsmovement.org/our-research/

 Remember: Anything is possible!