Stars of the Sea – MarinExplorer – Highly Commended #SA #techgirls #STEM @birmo @KateEllisMP

Three young superheroes, year six students from Star of the Sea School, Henley Beach, South Australia, have created MarinExplorer, an app which helps beachcombers identify marine life or objects they see at the beach.  

This app has the potential to capture and share data about our beaches and marine life. 

MarinExplorer has been announced as the Tech Girls are Superheroes Highly Commended App in 2016.  

It is easy to learn how to use this app and even easier to use, in fact, people aged four and up can use this app!  All you have to do is find an object you wanted to identify & take a photo with the app  – not only does the app gives you the name of the object, but it also offers extensive information, including habitat, diet, & description.  

The app is free to download and extra features are being released over a number of phases.  



The app has five features – the photo  identifier (where the photo is uploaded to a web service to provide optical recognition), QR code (where you scan approved codes to access information about that item), an upload feature (where you post images to the web), a help feature (which tells you how to use the different functions and the different icons) and, a link to the Marine Discovery Centre (which gives you access to the Marine Discovery Centre gallery. 

It is a lovely application. The color composition and idea are beautifully represented (said one of the judges)

In their business plan, the app designers identified “that there is no way of accurately identifying the things that you come across”, and this is how they came up with the idea for their app! Their comprehensive business plan also discussed competitor analysis, marketing (including market size, advertising, finance  and target audience) as well as how they  came up with their app name and logo.