Back to school awesomeness! Announcing 4 new #techgirls superhero stories – 2nd edition of our book #techgirls #STEM @oneplanetwoman @womenindigital

Back to school! 2017! It’s going to be a fabulous year.

We are super excited to kick off 2017 with a new edition of Tech Girls Are Superheroes 2 – with 4 brand new stories featuring 8 new superheroes from Australia and New Zealand!

Get your hands on a new copy of our book for your school and your students and read about the new adventures of our latest Tech Girl Superheroes!

Meet our very own Dame of Drones Dr. Catherine Ball a.k.a. Ariel Grace; our newest team from New Zealand, featuring Elyse, Anna, Alyona and Ginger as MysTech, Euresi, Lingua Franca and Alya. Also meet Vanessa and Julie aka Simplifica and Crosswalk; and Holly Tattersall as Harmony Helper. We hope you enjoy our latest superhero adventures!

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