Celebrating #IWD2017 @Google HQ #Sydney with our #techgirls teams #STEM

 Thanks to  Lauren Trompp , the photographer for this event
Thanks to Lauren Trompp , the photographer for this event

On the 8th of March, 2017, The Tech Girls Movement launched their 2017 Tech Girls Are Superheroes Campaign at Google Headquarters in Sydney.  With 150 industry guests and 7 teams from the 2016 competition there to pitche their ideas, our morning tea was full of yummy cupcakes, impressive Apps, and a great feel of excitement with the theme of the day being #beboldforchange.

We received a grant from Inspire Australia through Ausindustry to fly our teams to Google to network with industry and share the wonderful solutions they’ve built as Apps. 

On the day, we had two panels, one with our CEO Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen alongside Sally-Ann Williams, Outreach Manager for Google Australia, Nicola O’Brien, Head CodeRanger, and Monica Wulff.  Nicola was the Coach and Monica the mentor of Reading Republic, who were our Primary School winners of the 2016 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero. 

Following our panel, our Reading Republic  girls took to the stage.  Remember, they’re 9, 10 and 11 years old, and they talked about their App and their experience in the competition with ease and humour.  Their presentation was highly memorable and well received by our industry audience.  They highlighted the success of the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero Competition, and are living proof of future Tech Girl leaders who have confidence, skills, and cool attitude.

More photos from this great event can be found at our flickr page