Tech Girls are Superheroes launches in New Zealand! #techgirls #STEM #NS #STEAM #superheroes #innovation

In March 2017, the Tech Girls Movement made their way to New Zealand for a big launch of their Tech Girls are Superheroes campaign for 2017.  The original plan for the trip was to host the Superhero Daughter Day at Auckland University of Technology, bringing in 200 girls and their parents to have hands-on fun with tech.

The Superhero Daughter Day was a fun day, full of robots, pulling computers apart, and coding.  In the lead-up to Superhero Daughter Day on the 18th of March, we went on a road-trip of the South Island of New Zealand.  Landing in Christchurch on the 12th of March, we headed south with our New Zealand team (Dianne, Jess, and Siggy) to see how many schools, teachers, parents and career advisors we could meet in five days. 

After stopping in the beautiful Oamaru overnight, we headed south to Dunedin.  We visited many schools on our trip of the South Island, including Blue Mountain College, Logan Park High School, Kavanagh College, Bayfield High School, Queen’s High School, Kaikorai Valley College, Columba College, Hatch Education, Balmacewen Intermediate School, Tahuna School, Otago Girls’ High School, St Hilda’s Collegiate School, St Margaret’s College, Kaiapoi Borough School, Kaiapoi High School, Omarama School.

We reached more than 400 students in those few days in the South Island, many career advisors, industry people, and parents.

Thanks to Otago Polytechnic, for hosting us, and also to my New Zealand team who took us on this very excellent road trip to spread the Tech Girls word. 

Our week ended back where we started, with our Superhero Daughter Day on the 18th of March in Auckland.  Thanks to Harry and the team at Auckland University of Technology, OMGTech!, and She#

We are so very excited to launch in New Zealand.

More photos from our exciting adventures from our road trip and launch of Tech Girls are Superheroes can be found at our flickr page

We are excited to have you part of the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero!