CeBIT, 2017 We presented, we caped, we had a great time! @cebitaus #techgirls #STEM #innovation #sydney

On Wednesday the 24th of May, our founder and CEO, Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen took to the stage at Australia’s biggest technology conference, CeBIT, 2017. 

Invited as a panellist to talk about the future workforce in Australia, Jenine discussed how the Tech Girls Movement is creating a new generation of technology entrepreneurs, who have hands-on skills and confidence to contribute to the Australian talent pipeline.

Talking alongside industry giants such as Alan Noble, the Head of Engineering at Google in Australia and New Zealand, and CSIRO (talking about their Scientists in Schools program), and the University of Technology Sydney, and our partner Kelly Tagalan at Code Club Australia and others, the discussion highlighted the current gaps in the workplace and how we collectively are working together to address them.

We had some fun with it with Jenine aka Jewella wearing her signature red superhero cape on stage.  The panel followed an inspiring presentation by Randi Zuckerburg, who, herself, is encouraging girls into STEM.

Jenine met Randi Zuckerburg, the fabulous sister of Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook, and she gave her a copy of Tech Girls are Superheroes and got this cool snap! Randi’s presentation was really entertaining. Randi talked about her book to get girls into STEM. Get your copy of Dot now!

See you next year, CeBIT!