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Children’s Storytelling App, “Kindergo” Creates STE(a)M Content for Early Readers.

Hey, everyone, it’s Amy Parry, the Product Manager for Kindergo, doing a Kindergo TAKEOVER of Tech Girls Are Superheroes to deliver some very exciting news!


Tech Hero stories are now available for our youngest STE(a)M superstars!

Kindergo, a children’s storytelling app, has partnered with “Tech Girls Are Superheroes” to create 5 digital books for early readers to discover. We have taken some of our favourite Tech Girl Superheroes and imagined what they might have been like when they were just starting out on their STE(a)M journey. Children aged 2-7 will delight in these interactive digital books created especially for them.

The 5 books that are FREE for you to discover TODAY, by downloading Kindergo from the App Store, are :

*(only currently available on 3rd Generation iPad or above)

I Want To Be…

Learn about what our Tech Heroes want to be when they grow up!

Scriptix Can Draw That

Scriptix beats boredom by drawing dazzling designs on her tablet. Things get super cool when Scriptix discovers she has the power to make her designs real!

Dragonfly and the Cool Cubby House

Dragonfly has an amazing idea to create something cool out of discarded items. She uses her surprise super powers to build something amazing.

Jewella’s Ant Adventure

Jewella and her brother Josh are having a picnic when they get invaded…by ants! Jewella has to use her superpower to learn more about ants and why they are so important.

Violet Ninja and the Time Hacking Robot

Violet Ninja is a programming genius, but doesn’t like doing history homework…Her Robot, Jimmy tries to help, by getting her out of homework, but is Violet Ninja really a cheat?

Kindergo have designed the Tech Hero books so that even our youngest Tech Heroes can be inspired by our Tech Girls’ adventures. Kindergo delivers Tech Hero content on a beautifully designed STE(a)M themed island, with a cute, customisable Avatar to help guide their reading experience. Once a book has been discovered, the reader will be able to listen to the story and read along, or try to read the story themselves with a unique “tap-and-hear” feature. This function will help adventurous readers feel empowered to read stories that interest them but may be above their reading skill level.

We are so excited about the opportunity to bring amazing STE(a)M stories to our youngest readers! I can’t wait to hear what you all think. Follow Kindergo Kids on Facebook and Instagram and tell us!