Resources following up from #superherodaughterday18 from @technologyone @DCC_jobs #techgirls #STEM #robotics

Thanks to Technology One for sharing these great resources from our Superhero Daughter Day in Brisbane on the 19th of March

Hour of Code – for all ages

Introductory coding activity, where the girls coded a Star Wars themed game.  We placed the girls into pairs and guided them through the online tutorial.  We chose the Star Wars theme because all of the video tutors were women who had worked on the Star Wars movies in technical roles.

Magformers – focused on the 6-8 age group.

Ozobots Robotics workshop – for all ages

We used the Ozobot Bit robots, which allow programming by drawing colour-coded lines, or by using a Block-style programming language. Ozobots (purchase)

Virtual Worlds

We ran a number of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality activities.  We found that the age restriction was really about the size of the headsets – younger girls’ heads were too small for the headset to fit securely.  The Jedi Challenge was also a bit scary for a couple of girls, as it’s a game where you fight robots.

Microsoft Hololens – for all ages – Pure AR activity, using the demo software that comes with HoloLens. 

Star Wars Jedi Challenge – for ages 9 and up

Augmented Reality activity where the player has a lightsaber and fights robots.

Star wars (purchase) –

Design a character – for all ages

This was a pure design activity, where girls got to design their own character/avatar and take home a printout. Adobe Illustrator:

Hack the room – for all ages

This was an escape room activity, where the girls had to solve a number of codes and problems to save the Internet. URL: