Announcing the Australian #SNTGS Secondary School Finalists & @UN Award Winners #techgirls #STEM #entrepreneurship #realtechsuperhero @UN

Australian Secondary School Finalists

Western Australian Secondary School

CO2 & U, Shenton College

Our app is designed to spread awareness of the impact animal agriculture is having on the environment. CO2 & U deeply believe that a greater understanding and awareness is the first step towards solving a problem and making a difference in the world. Our goal is to convince one person to reduce their meat intake by showing them the impact they are having through fun challenges, calculating their CO2 contribution and providing possible meat substitutes for most popular meals. Every person makes a difference and the more people we can reach the greater a difference to the environment we can make. 

Community Connector, Penrhos College

We are a start-up called Community Connector. Our aim is simple; we want to make finding community service easier for high school students (between the years 7 to 12). The process of using our product requires schools to pay for a subscription per student and parent login. The students and parents will be able to download an app onto their smart device. Students are able to view and apply for three different types of opportunities that include community service, company held career conferences and organization run competitions. 

South Australian Secondary School

Savvy Shoppers, St Peters Girls School

SavvyShoppers is an interactive app that teaches primary school students, between the ages of 6-12 about being responsible consumers. This app is based on the United Nation goal of Responsible Production and Consumption. The user creates and account, in which, they can complete various missions and earnt green points -which they can use to customize their character. Depending on the efficiency whilst completing the app and how much waste they produce affects how many points they earn. SavvyShoppers is a unique experience for the user because it is an entertaining and effective way to learn about being a responsible consumer. 

SHEroes, St Peters Girls School

HerStory aims to educate and empower minorities, as well as magnifying the voices of minority groups across not just Australia but the world. The application has various features, including articles about equality, quizzes and other dynamic content. Through the utilisation of these features, the app is accessible to many different people, making the app ideal for a wide range of people who learn through the use of different techniques, creating a larger market. The speech-to-audio element of our app fundamentally shows what it is all about – available and accessible to everyone, giving any user the equal opportunity to enjoy HerStory. 

The Hopelings, St Peters Girls School

Our app is designed to help kids understand what it means to have tolerance and to make good decisions on their own. It uses situations which they might have to face to teach them how to handle it well. Of course we understand that everyone is different, but there is some common ground in what is right and what is wrong. We believe that children are our future and that our future should not consist of things that undermine minorities. We believe that if we can teach people at a younger age to think with an open mind, then we can hopefully help make this world a better place for everyone. 

Victorian Secondary School

Tiny Trio, Kilvington Grammar School

Our interactive app provides teen girls with education about money management. Girls can set goals for themselves to save up for a desired item, or just to keep track of their earnings and spending’s. This app helps girls learn about ideas and strategies to effectively save their money. We made this app specified for teen girls because we think that for many centuries it has been the norm for boys to take care of money in a family. Women will be able to manage money without the help of any men with this app. This is not exclusive to girls. 

8B-A, St. Aloysius College

Find Me a Sitter provides parents with babysitters/carers, no matter their situation. It targets children with special needs, disabilities etc. Our app will be like uber for babysitting. Our app is unique because we are providing care for kids and even adults with disabilities and we will hope that it will be one of the safest. There is a section in the app where you can select the special needs of your child or family member. We are encouraging parents with kids who have special needs and disabilities to sign up because no child is too hard to babysit. 

C.A.R.E, Kilvington Grammar School

The service this app provides connectivity for teenagers dealing with issues bigger than themselves. This device acts as a channel towards other revenues for teenagers who need help with problems they may not feel comfortable with telling their parents. This app will direct teenagers to various helplines including shelters, advice on bullying or anxiety. There are many government funded organizations for helping people however they are generally only operating from 9am-5pm. However, teenagers tend to need help outside of these hours. Our app will help connect teenagers to help sources 24/7 enabling them to feel always feel safe and secure. 

Vision Quest, St Aloysius

Our app is a simple game with many features and designs. You can simply start by signing up and setting your profile adding friends or invite them to get the game more interesting then the hunt beings, look for rubbish and try to find the bin then weight, wait for the ding and scan the barcode . Try to beat other people our highest score at the moment is 50,000g, the points get added with how much the item weighs. With this app we hope this will slowly affect the community and make it a better place. We hope this app will help our generation with the future. 

New South Wales Secondary School

Goal Diggers, Armidale High School

Resettlement in Armidale (R.I.A), is a supportive service for refugees and migrants arriving in Armidale. With built-in features including language translation and location, our app provides vital information for new residents arriving in Armidale. Our aim is to build partnerships with companies to create mutual benefits for both the user and the business. Our app will advertise businesses as suggestions for refugees seeking help in navigating our town. Our main focus businesses include doctor surgeries, dentists, and supermarkets. Information from these businesses provided on the app will include contact information for companies, emergency phone numbers, services available, price and location. 

Sunshine Girls, St John’s College, Woodlawn

The app, Rayse, is based on the ideas of community, charity and sustainability. The 2017 Lismore Floods prompted community generosity and support. However, there was not a common platform for this. Rayse would meet this need. Initially, Rayse focuses on garage sales. Not only will people be decluttering/reusing, they will also be supporting others. Rayse allows people to access dates/locations/information on garage sales and/or advertise their sales. Sellers would nominate a local participating charity to which they would donate a percentage of their takings. In the future, Rayse would be used for many different forms of fundraising within the community. 

Talk to the Hand – My Bucket’s Full, CC Home School

The app is for people with sensory processing disorder. Designed to help people organize themselves, feel calm and relaxed, ready to face the world. The app includes choices between • Sensory Wake Up; activities that assist you to alert your senses and get you in the optimal zone for the day • Sensory Pit Stop; activities that assist you to refocus and refuel yourself to stay on task • My Bucket; allows you to choose what sense you want to focus on and will give you activities to help desensitize it if your bucket is feeling overloaded (high), or activate your senses if your bucket is empty (low). • Other general activities such as drawing and calming music and games. 

Pawgirlz, Maitland State High School

The Off-Leash app helps prevents and decreases dog attacks. Our idea provides better access to information about dog training. Use the App to become a part of the dog training and safety local community. Users create an account, and we make it as simple as possible to teach your dog sensible behaviour. With a click of a button you can watch video tutorials on how to train your pet, or access a map that directs you to your local pet facilities. Using Off Leash, users can communicate with other dog owners, organise meetups, and get advice from other owners. 

Queensland Secondary School

Domestic Angels, Gladstone State High & Boyne Island State High School

The Domestic Angels app was made to allow victims of domestic and family violence (DFV) to contact Police without being detected by their abuser. This app has been disguised as a cleaning app to avoid detection by the abuser and to stop inadvertent use or abuse of the app. However, the app allows the victim to contact Police using three quiet, simple and fast steps while keeping the abuser completely oblivious to what the victim is doing and thus keeping the victim safe. The victim’s message is sent by SMS directly to the Police and includes the victim’s location making it easier for Police to arrive quickly. 

Unicorn Girls, All Hallows’ School

Each year, 271 Australians drown from ocean rips; making rips one of the biggest killers. Alarmingly, one third are tourists, highlighting the urgency to educate inbound migrants, tourists and the Australian public about beach dangers so they stay safe and feel comfortable in the water. To combat this problem, we’ve developed Ripsure, a beach safety app. The app is designed to educate users about rips and how to spot them. It also aims to decrease the number of beach related incidents and drownings in an engaging manner that involves games and videos. Additionally, it also includes information about sun safety, what the surf lifesaving flags mean and what to do in the case of an emergency. 

Blue Buddy, St. Aidans Anglican Girls School

Depression impacts over 3 million Australians. It is well recognised that depression can be a lifelong illness that causes extreme suffering for the victim, however the negative implications of the illness on the families of sufferers is not well recognised. Our app (Blue Buddy) provides family members of depression sufferers with the necessary support to allow them provide care while maintaining their own mental health. Our app is unique in its focus on those who care for and live with someone suffering from this debilitating mental illness. 

JJIA, Earnshaw State College

Our app, Time out, is a stress-relieving app that mainly focuses on the ages of 13-25. It includes a variety of elements that will help you calm down, relax and allow the stress and anxiety to leave you. These features include a small game at the beginning, a ‘plan it out’ section where you are able to organise your week and time manage. There is a ‘relax and reflect’, which contains a variety of choices of soothing music. After conducting research, Stress-free agency, found that helping others is stress reliving so we added a ‘help-out’ section where you’re able to contact helplines, read through research and then write your own experiences. This app has unique value as it connects people in need to people in stress. Overall, Time Out is an app that can help millions of students who are constantly affected with stress and anxiety.

Brigidine Go Girls, Brigidine College

In Australia, one in three women experiences physical violence from the age of fifteen (Our Watch, 2018). While men must remain accountable for this crisis, it is simply a fact that we, as young women, must prepare ourselves for the dangers. Our app will aid women in feeling safe in all situations by providing safety tips – including aspects of self-defence – as well as emergency contacts to police and helplines. This app is exclusively aimed at women between the ages of 15 and 25, therefore fostering a ‘made for women by women’ community. We believe there is a significant gap in the market for a woman-centric self-defence app that focusses on safety, and therefore success is imminent.  

P-Cubed, Good News Lutheran School

P-Cubed’s free multi-platform app, Plastic Pollution Preventers, will help young Queenslanders consider how much plastic they use in their daily lives and its environmental impacts. The app allows users to record the quantity of plastic used and make better choices when purchasing products and choosing recyclable and reusable plastic bags. By doing this we hope to reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic that flows into the world’s waterways, oceans and landfill each year. Our app is unique for two reasons; it allows users to track their plastic use, and it has been designed specifically with young Queenslanders in mind. 

Fine nines, Mount Saint Michael’s College

“Balance Me” aims to help you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. All users need to do is tell us what their week looks like as well as some basic personal information, so we can create a specific and helpful schedule to assist in juggling school or work, physical activity, relaxation and social time. “Balance Me” is created by students for students, to help find an equilibrium in life. It is set apart from all other products because it considers what is essential for a healthy life – a blend of work, exercise and relaxation. Enjoy the generated schedule which will help you to become the best that you can be. 

Indigenous, Townsville State High School

Our app encourages people to get involved in other cultures, particularly our Indigenous cultures. This app will enable people to read traditional dreamtime stories, learn more about Indigenous cultures and their fight for land rights. Later through further development of our app we will incorporate a further game aspect where quizzes can be completed to gain Indigenous ‘artefacts’ that can decorate the users Indigenous garden. With future development this app would also enable the user to scan QR codes located on the Castle Hill Goat Track. When these codes are scanned they will show information about the Indigenous history relating to that item and location. 

STEM Cells, Noosa District State High School, Pomona Campus

This app allows teenagers to find volunteering opportunities within their local area. Our services create memorable and positive experiences and are beneficial for motivated students as they can find a job they are capable to do and passionate about. We hope our app will enlighten kids about the many experiences they can be apart of and help them decide what they would like to achieve in the near future. This app contains: Log In/Sign Up Page, Registration, Terms and Conditions, Home Page, Calendar, Profile, Volunteering Organisations (Humanitarian, Community/Environment and Animal Volunteering), Top 3 recommended organisations, Local Events and a Map. 

Australian United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Awards

Education Award – Green Lantern Corps, Cannon Hill Anglican College (Qld)

Our app is an interactive app that is aimed at 8-14-year-olds living in Australia. Our aim is to inform children about how to dispose of items in a fun and interactive way. It enables the user to choose which bin to put a variety of different objects in. The app then provides a short, entertaining story about what happens to the item. The app also gives the user interesting websites to visit, ways to reuse items and what happens to items after you put them in a bin. 

Education Award – Cryptography Girls, Cannon Hill Anglican College (Qld)

This app provides education and safety. It helps educate children and adults on the importance of train safety and track safety, in a fun and informative format. This app is aimed at 8-12 year olds, who may be travelling on trains alone or with elder siblings. Young children usually are not educated on train safety, since their normal schools do not cover that topic, putting them at a very high risk of train accidents; compared with adults. The unique value that this app provides is an education on safety, which would normally be boring, but here is exciting and you want to continue and learn more, because you do not realise you are learning. 

Environment Award – Galaxy Girls, Good Shepherd Lutheran College (Qld)

Our R³ app teaches students how to recycle in a fun and innovative way. It has been designed to encourage the younger generation to be enthusiastic about practicing the three R’s. Aimed specifically at students from Prep to Year Five, it will generate excitement about recycling through a competition while also being informative. Our app will be the hub for the competition where students can clock up points, compare their scores to that of their classmates and eventually other schools. It has information about what can and cannot be recycled and ideas for reducing household waste and creatively re-using items in new and innovative ways. Our app is unique in the way that it uses a competition to inspire students to recycle. After researching the app market, we have found that our app is original and very different to other apps of the same category. 

Environment Award – Code Monkeys, Clairvaux MacKillop College (Secondary) and St Bernards Catholic Primary School (Qld)

LitTerly is an app designed to encourage people to pick up litter in a fun and rewarding way. It allows users to photograph litter they have collected, classify that litter by amount collected, and then share that photo on the app. Users earn points based on the amount of litter they collect (bonus points for recycling). They move up different levels as their points increase. High scorers will show on the Litterboard. The app also provides educational facts about the effects of litter in the environment. It also allows users to create their own clean-up events and groups. 

Environment Award – EnviroLife, Mountain Creek State School (Qld)

Envirolife is an environmental app that targets children from the age of six and over. it teaches kids about plants and how to use them in every day cooking. The app looks towards teaching children about the environment in a fun and easy way. It features six different herbs that have identifiable photos for you to work out which herb it is. Each herb has a recipe in the food section, that will help kids get involved in cooking. All meals are healthy, delicious, and will have your children cooking for the whole family in no time!  

Environment Award – RemFriends, St Peters Girls School (SA)

We are Rem Friends. The app we have created is Remmunity. Remmunity primarily aims to address and solve a vital problem within Australia’s growing society. We aim to solve the problem of the increasing amount of landfill and the impact it has on the environment. To do this, we have created an app where people in the users community can trade usable unwanted items that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Our App is free to public use and allows people to trade, give and remove re-usable unwanted items through the recycling process.

Equality Award – SSC Five, Santa Sabina College (NSW)

“A Helping Hand” is a social networking system for volunteers and elderly people to contact each other. After signing up and completing a simple online survey about their qualifications and/or special needs, it gives the volunteers the opportunity to provide assistance or company for the elderly. Our target market is mainly centered towards elderly people and their families who would like some help for themselves or for their older relatives. A Helping Hand is a completely free app, unlike other competitor apps in this topic area, this makes it completely affordable for everyone, and it really sets it apart. 

Equality Award-  STEM@Collegiate, St Michael’s Collegiate School (Tas)

Here at Collegiate, we are creating an app to further the STEM education provided to the girls at our school, leading to more young ladies graduating as successful engineers. This app will (hopefully) gather the funds required to build our new STEM building, allowing us to further our schooling in the area of STEM. We use Augmented Reality to show them what the 2D plans will look like in real life as well as show them what is possible for girls to create in STEM. This will hopefully encourage more girls to join in STEM. 

Health Award – Brigidine College Ninjas, Brigidine College (Qld)

The product that the Brigidine Code Ninjas are developing is an app which acts as an animal health care program, attacking the problem of poorly treated pets due to lack of knowledge from first time pet owners. The app will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to suit the needs of anyone with domestic animals. The app’s functionality will contain information about your chosen animal including nutrition, required equipment, possible dangers, choosing the right animal for the user’s lifestyle and much more. The software will also contain a tracker to remind owners of when appointments are, along with links to veterinary clinics to book appointments. The app will also contain many fun features, such as a media page targeted towards people’s pets and children (whom usually take their parents phones and play) and fun/lovable characters that will play an important role in marketing. 

Peace Award – SafeSpace, Earnshaw State College (Qld)

Safe Space is an app designed to help teenagers deal with issues such as bullying, school stress, anxiety or even depression. The app includes: a chat page for people to share and help with other’s issues, a multiple-choice game that simulates real world issues for teens and a motivational quote page to keep the positivity flowing. Social media is a major aspect of teenage life and Safe Space is like another form of social media, except it is a supportive and positive chat forum that helps teenagers going through struggles. Teenagers are the future leaders of the world and Safe Space aims to support and help them to overcome any social issues that they may face  

Peace Award – Brigo Code Heroes, Brigidine College (Qld)

GoPizza (app) will help women and children feel safe, in a violent domestic situation. The app has multiple features that will give a variety of types of help that you can receive depending on the severity of your violent situation. GoPizza is disguised as a pizza delivery app, that will contact the police. The police will get an alert saying that the caller is coming from the app and will have a script which will guide them to helping the victim. The name GoPizza means that the pizza will GO to get help for you and adding PIZZA to the name helps disguise the app from the perpetrator. GoPizza will be available on all app stores. 

Poverty Award – Argyros, Ravenswood School for Girls (NSW)

Argyros is an app that helps people who need assistance and those who want to assist them. The main purpose of our app is to supply our target audience with the resources they need to survive. Our Argyros app suggests accommodation venues, job submissions, easy economical recipes, cost-effective shops for affordable good-quality clothing and food and more. The Greek word ‘anargyros’ refers to saints who do not expect payment for their services. Our app name ‘Argyros’ meaning silver has been chosen because we provide the “silver” people need (food, clothing, jobs, accommodation etc.) without asking for payment in return.