Announcing the #NZ #SNTGS Finalists and United Nations Award Winners #techgirls #STEM #entrepreneurship #realtechsuperhero @UN

New Zealand Secondary School Finalists

SussDAYnable, St. Hildas Collegiate, Dunedin

At present, many precious green spaces are being cleared for livestock and crops, however 30-50% of food produced worldwide will never be consumed. Our app aims to minimise food wastage in households. Users will plug in food they have at home which may otherwise go off, they will then be presented with recipes which include these food items thus saving them from the landfill. Society is increasingly becoming time-poor, an app with a variety of easy to follow recipes has never been more enticing for the consumer. We hope to bring environmentally conscious cooking into households around the world.

Villa Tech Girls, Villa Maria College, Christchurch

We noticed that the number of obese children has increased due to lack of exercise and healthy eating. We also noticed that car emissions are damaging the environment. Bi-schooling will make children more confident when riding a bike on the road as they can do it in a group as well as learn the road rules. This will help to reduce the affect that car emissions have on the environment as well as keeping kids healthy. They can find children who are biking to the same destination and join their group to bike together and find a safe route.

New Zealand Primary School Finalists

EEDAA, Frankley School, New Plymouth

Our app is about bullying. You will go onto our app and you will learn how to stop bullying from happening and how you can stop it from happening to you. You will also learn what to do when it happens. It will also have if you get angry or upset, an area to calm yourself down. Like Quotes and little games. Our app is for Kids aged 7-14 who are being bullied or are a bully and want to stop it. 

Creative Coderz, Frankley School, New Plymouth

Our app helps fish not get endangered because fishermen will not take more than they are allowed and will stick to the legal size. It is difficult to know the rules. Each region has different ones and there are many kinds of fish. It’s not easy to look up a website when you are fishing and your hands are sticky and dirty. We created a Fishing Siri to let fisherman get information hands free. By calling out the name of the fish, it gives back information about the size limit and daily catch limit for that fish. There are different buttons for each region of New Zealand. There is a camera allowing a fisherman/woman to take a photo of the fish.

Crazy Coderz, Frankley School, New Plymouth

Our app is called My Safety Toolkit. It provides safety information about the Mountain, the river and the bush. Bush, Mountain, River This app is to make sure that anyone who goes to these places is safe and knows what they will need. This is for tourists and people of New Zealand that need to learn how to be safe. The unique value is that it helps anyone who comes to New Zealand can explore our beautiful country. We will also be adding some video’s for those who don’t like reading and prefer watching 🙂 

NZ United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Awards

Education Award – Roelvie – St Hilda’s Collegiate School, Dunedin

Our app lartech, is an educational app that allows children who are in hard to reach areas or who just want a bit of extension to be able to access the resources that they need to be able to enhance their learning. When you go into the app you will be shown a page that says start lessons, profile and books recommendations. The first thing you will want to do is create a profile, then you will go into start lessons and select your age – you can select any age so if you want extension you can go the age above or if your struggling go to the age below. The last feature is the book recommendations page where you will go in and select the genre of book you want and it will take you to a page with book recommendations under that genre, you can also write and post your own recommendations. 

Environment Award – Blue Dreams – Frankley School, New Plymouth

This product helps people so they know how to look after their pets and how to look after animals it also tells you if you can go near them or not. Our app is for Family and Friends with pets or don’t know how to look after animals from other countries or people who want to get a pet but don’t know how to look after them. This app will also tell you what animals are dangerous and what animals aren’t and where you can find them and how close you can get up to an animal for instance a dog pretty close unless they are vicious. 

Health Award – Unicoder – Frankley School, New Plymouth

The app is about stress relief. The app helps people when they feel angry. We help them with kid friendly, relaxing music, and some mini-games, if that’s what helps them relax. The app is called Calm Down (targeted at 10 and up for both gender because of school tests, bullies, and work, so on and so forth.