2019 Women in Tech Fest conversations on leadership, women + STEM

For the 2nd year in a row, we are proud to be part of the Annual Women in Tech Fest conference. With our tech girls presenting to a large industry and government technology audience – this year it is P-Cubed (at 10 and 11 years old!), last year it was Sun Fun (at 12 years old) – we relish the opportunity to showcase the work of our students on a big stage to a VIP audience!

With a stellar panel discussing women in leadership in STEM, our CEO Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen had the great opportunity to facilitate conversations on diversity, inclusion, equity and leadership. Considering that the technology sector is one of the most challenging sectors for diversity and inclusion activities, it is necessary to have a conversation about engaging all of the sector, not just those championing for change.

Our panelists:

  • Donna Vinci – CxO, Chief Digital and Information Officer – Bank of Queensland

  • Bernadette Hyland-Wood – Founder & CEO – 3 Round Stones, Inc

  • Cathy Ford  – CIO – Queensland University of Technology

  • Karen Lay-Brew – Past President and (Founding) Director and Head of Government Partnership / Managing Director – ABSIA / 3Pillars.Digital

  • Lisa Annese – CEO – Diversity Council Australia

Some of the key conversations included:

How do we create change in big organisations? For example, how do we speak up in government organisations? How do we find our voice?

With much talk “soft skills”, is it time to consider how women’s strengths can contribute to the future skills needed in STEM?

What are the keys to building resilience?

Diversity and inclusion strategies are important, but what is the motivator for actually putting them in place and being accountable? What are the triggers and how can we ensure that D&I activities take place?

It was an engaging discussion, and the time we had was too short! The conversation continued over lunch and dinner and into the next day with the themes reinforced in many other talks at the conference. We can’t wait for next year!

P-Cubed presented Jewella with a new cape – because every superhero needs a sparkly cape!