Day 4 – 2019 Tech Girls Movement Official Ambassador Tour of Silicon Valley, USA #techgirls #STEM

“There is a moment each morning that defines the rest of your day”

Empathise. Define. Ideate. Prototype. Test. What better place to dive into design thinking than in Silicon Valley, where it all started at the Stanford! Thanks to Nutanix for hosting our visit and facilitating a fun design thinking workshop – in two hours our teams came up with four innovations to help improve the start of a team member’s day (their target user): Smart Series, Sqeeze, HideyHoles and SpideyBot, and Belaska. What awesome product names, we definitely have innovators and entrepreneurs in the room! Waking up and getting ready in time to kickstart your day for school or work was the common challenge for all of our target users – how might you improve the start of your day? What small changes can you make?

Speaking of the power of small changes: “Knock knock. Who’s there? The consequences of your past decisions!” Oh, yep, hmmm…! There is a James Clear leadership seminar at Nutanix, would we like to join??? OMG. YESSSSS. What an opportunity! Thank you Michele from Nutanix for making this happen! Atomic Habits is the New York Times bestseller book from James, about how small changes can bring about big results and how to build good habits and break bad ones. The cost of our bad habits is in the future, so what can we do now?

So many notes and learnings from this talk, our Tech Girl Superheroes shared their main takeaways as:

  • How important your physical and social environments are as key drivers of habit

  • The 2-minute rule: breaking down an end goal into small chunks that take less than 2 minutes each to achieve. Habit must be established before it can be improved (so very true!)

  • Keeping a habit journal: noting down daily when you keep to a habit, and try not to break the chain of days. Even if you miss one day, don’t make it two!

Where to start – small?

“Every action we take is a vote for the person you wish to become” – what is the small change that you will make today?