QLD Primary School Regional State Winner

Sunshine Coast Animal App | Golden Beach State School

Australian wildlife is slowly disappearing due to a rise in the human population and habitat destruction. This app hopes to slow down the disappearance of animals by educating people on what to do if they find injured or sick animals in the wild. It has an animal identification feature which also identifies common things that can happen to this animal in the Caloundra area.

QLD Primary School Urban State Winner

Community Connect | Windsor State School

Community Connect is a safe and easy way for community groups to connect with each other quickly in disaster situations, like floods or fire that are becoming more frequent with climate change. A community leader creates their own private login just for their community, sending the link to their members. Members then post what they need help with or how they can help others. During the floods this year our school connected families to help each other, but it was hard, and some people missed out. Our app will help community groups connect easily, helping communities with disaster recovery worldwide.

QLD Primary School Highly Commended

Ecofit | Windsor State School

The World needs us all to become more sustainable and we’d like to do more at our school. What if we had an App that got students competing to be more sustainable by actually doing sustainability tasks and taught them a thing or two on the way?

QLD Primary School Highly Commended

Make Do | Craigslea State School

Kids can find it hard discover near by classes that interest them. For example some girls cannot find certain sports classes and some boys cannot find local ballet classes. It considers your location gender and age as well as your interests. It’s map feature helps you discover where about the classes are.

QLD Primary School Game Changer

Miss Stemify | Windsor State School

Targeting 8-12 year olds, ‘Miss STEMify’ encourages females to take up STEM careers. Growing at double the rate of other occupations, only 35% of STEM jobs are awarded to females. We need to increase this statistic, to ensure Australia’s job future!

QLD Primary School Most Informative Pitch

Sign Time | Windsor State School

Speech and/or hearing impairments are a big obstacle towards labour force participation in Australia and especially developing countries. Sign Time is an app aimed towards reducing social inequality (UNSDG 10) and improving quality education (UNSDG 4) by promoting the Sign language to primary school children through its interactive design.

QLD Primary School Finalists

Let’s get growing | Golden Beach State School

Are you tired of having a dry garden? Well download Let’s Get Growing. Our app helps you keep track of when to water your garden and gives information about your garden to help keep it weed free. Let’s Get Growing has facts on how to keep your garden healthy!

Friend Finder | St Hilda’s School

Our app is for those affected by social anxiety and fear of rejection. This app will help you to make friends easily and help solve problems with any existing friends that you may have. Our app has a login page, a home page, a chat, a quiz and solutions.