QLD Secondary School Regional State Winner

A Day in the Life | Varsity College

A Day in the Life, is an app created by Coding Cheese to raise awareness about LGBTQIA+. It is targeted for teenagers, primarily LGBTQIA+ youth. Our mission is to eliminate the issues that affect LGBTQIA+ students in schools and, through an educational approach, teach all students on how to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

QLD Secondary School Regional State Winner

Austraynimal | Somerset College

Austraynimal is a mobile app for reporting lost or injured Australian wildlife. The app will allow users to call for help, pinpoint on a map where the injured animal is, find a nearby animal shelter for the certain type of animal, and guidance on how to help the animal.

QLD Secondary School Urban State Winner

Uniskool | Redeemer Lutheran College

This app provides pathways for individuals contemplating university and allows for an easier transition from high school into university or the switching of career pathways. Including the “unisKool” career quiz, resume builder and assistance, work experience opportunities, university rankings (domestic and globally).

QLD Secondary School Highly Commended

Scissors Paper Swap | St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School

Our app is designed to reduce waste and lower stationery costs. Users can post excess stationery items on our browse page for others to view, or browse to see other users’ items.

QLD Secondary School Highly Commended

Fash – Dash Friends | St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School

Fash – Dash will endeavour to tackle loneliness by connecting people aged 13-17 through clothing and fashion choices. It will have a multi-dimensional approach that helps lonely people, or people in need of a friend, through building wardrobes that can be shared and discussed with others that have a similar style.

QLD Secondary School Gamechanger

Scamulator | St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School

As the development of technology increases, the chance of people getting scammed increases. “Scamulator” is an app designed to prevent, educate, and avoid the negative consequences of scams. This app is a scam calculator which calculates the probability of the scam risk for messages that users have received.

QLD Secondary School Most Innovative Design

Pantry Saver | St Peters Lutheran College

Pantry Saver is a mobile compatible app designed to reduce household food wastage through storing what you have in your pantry on your phone and providing reminders about expiry dates. Our mission is to increase and encourage responsible consumption of food both through minimizing excessive food purchases and the throwing out expired food. With Pantry Saver, users can scan groceries into their digital pantry while loading them into their physical pantry, create lists to organize their pantry, and have easy access to all pantry items and expiry dates on their mobile devices. You will never throw out expired food again!

QLD Secondary School Finalists

Equip | St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School

Several of the world’s greatest athletes wouldn’t have the career or life they have today if it weren’t for scouting programs or pure luck. ‘EQUIP.’ gives everyone an equal opportunity to achieve greatness, evening the playing field.

Allerjam | St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School

Allerjam is a user-friendly app that helps people who suffer from allergies find foods and meals that will benefit them. For food items that have a list of items contained in the food instead of having to read the text scan or take a picture of the text and the AI will read this and identify if there is any (for example) gluten contained in the food.