SA Primary School State Winner

Speed Machine | Karoonda Area School

Our app is really helpful because it solves the problem of not knowing when your washing is done. It lets you pay online, great for people who spend ages trying to find coins in your purse or wallet. Our app is great because you can book as many times you want. Then, you can get rid of your times and change your time to a different date. If you download our app it will change your life and help you like you’ve never been helped before! Our app is useful in many different ways.

SA Primary School State Finalists

Sensational Women | Woodcroft College

Having problems? Feeling stressed? Well, this is the app for you! Our app is about supporting your mental health. Our research suggests that listening to calming music and videos is helpful for calming and relaxing your mind and body.

SA Endangered | Woodcroft College

SA Endangered is an app telling you about endangered or threatened animals anywhere in South Australia. This app is telling you how many endangered or threatened animals there are and how to help each of them in your area in many different ways.