SA Secondary School State Winner

Garden Goals | Woodcroft College

Our app is a free and ad free wellbeing tracker for people aged 8-16. It has interactive features that can motivate people to achieve goals while also learning about their feelings. It is all about maintaining healthy habits that can further improve your quality of life and health. The app uses positive reminders to help the user to keep up their habits and complete their goals. It also has a fun well-being garden that makes the app more interactive. The garden works by collecting energy point when you complete your goals and enabling you to look after your plants.

NT Secondary School Highly Commended

SMILE | Marrara Christian College

‘SMILE’ app is designed for Northern Territory teenagers struggling with anxiety at school. It is an easily accessible and discreet way to communicate helpful information that uses their personal, unique data to generate personalised tips, goals and long-term plans to help minimize stress for each specific user. Once users have entered specific data or allowed access to their phone data about their sleep, diet, fitness, workload and screentime habits, the artificial Intelligence component will make suggestions to achieve their goals. Our vision is to see all teenagers thriving and flourishing through learning how to manage their anxiety and ultimately, ‘SMILE’.

SA Secondary School State Finalists

Fresh Delivery | Karoonda Area School

Our app has been created to help our community get supplies when they are elderly, sick or stuck at home for many reasons.

Drastic Drought | Karoonda Area School

This year we have created an app called Drastic Drought. In our app you will be able to access the rainfall data from past years in our district. You will be able to see the rainfall for lots of small little farming towns that barely exist anymore.