VIC Primary School State Winner

Forest Nation | Toorak College

Our app is called forest nation. Our focus is Deforestation and saving animals from their habitat loss. We created an ‘About Us’ section showing our mission statement and what we are striving to do. We also have a section on how you can help. We have a menu bar where you can click on an animal and then click on a tree that they need for their habitat. Then your subscription will go towards planting trees to help regrow the forest and habitat back. We also publish a stream of up to date deforestation news and causes.

VIC Primary School State Finalists

Donation Nation | Toorak College

Donation Nation is an app where donors can feel safe to donate their money or time without the fear of getting scammed. Around the world lots of people are being scammed by charitable organisations because they aren’t sure which are safe but don’t worry, donation nation is here to help you.