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100 word app description:

Are you sitting there feeling guilty of that box that you did not put in the correct bin? Well,

our app will quickly help you fix this problem. Currently, garbage tips are over flowing and

this is because people are too lazy to put their rubbish is the correct bin. Are you one of these

people? Our app provides you with lots of helpful information on how to use a recycling

and compost bin properly. There is also a fun game that helps teach you which bin different

items go in. An amazing bonus, is that our app will remind you when your next council clean-up is! Now that is certainly unique.

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed in AppInventor:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:

Product Description

What issue does my app address?

Our app addresses the issue of pollution. Part of the worlds pollution is caused by landfill over flowing. How does my app address the issue defined? It shows users how to recycle and use a compost bin properly. The things that they will recycle will not go to land fill. This will decrease the amount of pollution in our environment. Our app will also remind others when their next council cleanup is .

What are the main features of my app?

  • a section showing how to recycle properly
  • a section showing how to use a compost bin
  • link to local council website showing when each suburbs council cleanup is
  • recycling & compost game

Who are my users?

  • people who do not know how to recycle or use a compost bin properly
  • people who want to learn more about how to recycle and use composite bin properly
  • people who don’t know when their next local council cleanup is

Competitive Analysis Summary

Overall, the other apps that we looked at were not as good as we thought they would be. They did not have very much information. Some were not user-friendly. Features that our app has that other apps didn’t have are: 

  •  Lots of information 
  •  A fun game 
  •  Quiz 
  •  User friendly 
  •  Tell you when your next council clean-up is

Here's the team demo video: