TEAM - Abbotsleigh Team 2 - Karina (10) / Sophie (10) / Liah (10) / Riya (10)

SCHOOL: Abbotsleigh School for Girls

COACH: Shireen Ramjahn

100 word app description:

Have you tried to quit smoking but failed every time? If you answer is yes then why not try the new app smoking no more. This new app gives you detailed information of what happens to your body when you smoke. It helps you visualise the damage smoking does to your lungs and other organs.

To help you navigate through the apps there are not only factual information but also fun games and quizzes. Some quizzes have true or false and multiple choice answers.

It also offers videos that show the damage cigarettes cause to humans, animals and the environment. This app stands out from similar ones because it has cartoons videos and drawings that are suitable for a younger audience to learn the facts of smoking so that it might discourage them from picking up this unhealthy habit. You can chose to share your progress on any main social media sites or you can keep it private.

Here are screen shots from the prototype:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here's the team demo video: