TEAM - BALLIFE - CANDACE (14) / ELLA (14) / TESSA (14) 


COACH: Wayne Horne

100 word app description:

BalLife helps teens and preteens with lack of organization and to prioritize and balance their life. Too many students put the lesser important things in their life first before school work. BalLife helps promote study and activity with a fun design and small games to motivate the user. We suggest this app for tweens and teenagers in school. You can use this app daily to plan economic, social, spiritual, work and health life. This app is brilliant for students to learn the skills needed in the long term such as organizational skills and how to avoid procrastination.

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed in Appsbar:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:


What will you sell?

An application called BalLife.

Who will buy it?

Our target market is preteens and teenagers specifically twelve to eighteen year old male and females.

How will your business idea help people?

It will help to organize and balance our customers lives while preventing procrastination. These skills are important in the long-term.


What will you charge?

Our app will be sold for 0.99c

How will you get paid?

The revenue made from this app is the only payment we will receive.

How else will you make money from this project?

We could team up with another company by looking into joint ventures.


How will customers learn about your business?

Social media is a key role in our advertising. We also asked local schools if they would allow us to put up posters adverting our app - which they agreed to.

How can you encourage referrals?

People are likely to spread great reviews about our app if they can associate with a good experience. We will focus on the idea of our app being a necessity rather than an expense for the consumer.


The project will be successful when it achieves these metrics:

Number of customers

We have not put any money into this app only our time. This means that as soon as we hit 1 download we have made a profit - however we think 20 customers is substantial.

Or Annual net income

0.99c per customer, 20 customers in a year = $20


Specific concern or question #1

We don't have a developed app inventing program and thus the actual product result isn't of a high standard meaning a possibility of less sales.

Proposed solution to concern #1

Save up all revenue made and put it into a nice and developed app inventing program so we can add all desired features into our app with no limitations.

Here's the team demo video: