Guest blog post by Julie Kilner

Back in July, the Tech Girls Movement had the privilege of taking part in the Tech Girlz mini conference at Ashgrove State School. It was a really fantastic event.

The event was opened by the Director General of Education, Dr. Jim Watterston who made a very well received opening speech, followed by a keynote by Sharon Allen who is a chemical engineer with Origin Energy. Sharon gave some really valuable insight around her journey into a STEM career.

After the introductions, the girls then broke into a series of 8 interactive workshops. There was:

  • macro lens photography using iPads

  • garage band music creation

  • programming Bee Bots

  • programming Spheros with iPads

  • paper circuit creation

  • developing a paper prototype of an app

  • green screen video production

  • stop frame animation.

The teachers at Ashgrove did a superb job supporting the event and running the workshop sessions, and the larger Ashgrove State School community was so incredibly engaged. The parents and teachers so clearly want to be at the cutting edge and want to make sure their kids are supported to be workers of the future.

The Principal of the school arranged the event as a “one off”, but the school response was so overwhelming, Mrs. Bond is planning on holding another one in Term 4. The Tech Girls Movement look forward to supporting the next session at Ashgrove!!!

I am really pleased that I went and could represent the Tech Girls Movement. Ashgrove SS loved having a representative there.

Announcing the first of our Highly Commended Awards in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!


UNCALMING CATS – St Benedict’s Primary School, Australian Capital Territory

Our Calming App offers support to children aged 8-10 years by providing calming activities that are engaging but not demanding or competitive. The purpose of the activities is to relax the user and distract them from the cause of their upset.

CYBYE – The Friends’ School, Tasmania

An app that helps kids learn about cyber bullying.

Food for You – St Michael’s Collegiate, Tasmania

We decided to do this by using technology to enable restaurants and cafes, hotels, convention centres, sports stadiums and schools to donate their excess food to charities serving the hungry such as FoodBank, Meals On Wheels and FoodWise


Announcing the South Australian Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



V LINK – St Peter’s Girls School – Our product, V Link is a mobile application connecting the skilled but underutilised retired population to volunteering jobs.

Leaping Turtles – St Peter’s Girls School – Our app ‘Leaping Turtles’ is tailored to help individuals aged 18 and above who are experiencing domestic violence in their lives and provide them with resources to take a step towards empowerment.

Save the Reef – St Peter’s Girls’ School, South Australia  – Save the Reef targets the issue of pollution in our seas in an entertaining, informative game.



Identify Me – Black Forest Primary School – Identify Me has a function in which you take a photo of an animal and then it identifies it.

Poket.i – Black Forest Primary School – Poket.i provides financial sense for children by teaching them that money doesn’t grow on trees

Announcing the New Zealand Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!


This is our first year operating in NZ and we had 50 + teams register, and the quality of the submissions rivals the Australians!


CURE 4 BOREDOM – Tai Tapu School, Christchurch –  NZ C4B is designed to get kids off technology and motivate them to do fun ‘off-device’ activities.

G.I.R.L.S – Hatch Education, Dunedin – It is awesome being a girl but it can also be tough so we have created a portal to a world of help and advice. Our app is a one-stop shop.

THREE MAKAREWA BEES TEAM – BEEFRIEND PI – Makarewa School, Invercargill – The app provides educational information about bees.  We want to make it fun while learning and increase the knowledge about the decreasing bee population.


LEND A HAND – Frankley School, New Plymouth – Our app is all about caring for other people and helping them to a great life. So we are helping the homeless/needy people that don’t have the basics.

EVAC-U-BUDDY – Queen Margaret College, Wellington – Evac-U-Buddy is an app that helps people find shelter during an evacuation. It is aimed at helping people who live in Tsunami unsafe zones or in any area at risk of danger.

LESS STRESS – Frankley School, New Plymouth – Less Stress is an app to help resolve stress and anxiety problems focused on ages 7-12.

SNAP TRAP – CodeCamp, Wellington – At Snap Trap we are making an App to help eradicate pests that kill native animals. The App works with manual traps to one day create a network of people across the community.


AWHINA – Breens Intermediate School, Christchurch – Awhina is an app where students who have been bullied or are being bullied.

On Track Dunedin – Columba College, Dunedin – Our app focuses on improving the health of Dunedin citizens by encouraging them to complete walking tracks around Dunedin.

Enviro-snap – Villa Maria College, Christchurch – Enviro-Snaps goal is to encourage school children to pick up litter around their school and community.

EAT FRESH – St Hilda’s Collegiate School, Dunedin – Our app makes cooking nutritious and healthy food, fun, easy and stress-free, even on a budget.


WASTE NOTE – Sacred Heart College, Wellington – We have made an app that provides consumers with creative ways in which they can recycle their chosen materials.

Rainbow Unicorns Team – Chillax – Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Wellington – Chillax is an app that helps people relax by allowing them to chose what they want to see, hear, or watch.

COPE APP – Sacred Heart College, Wellington – Cope, is an app created to relieve stress/anxiety.

DRINK MINDER – Hillcrest Girls School, Hamilton – With Drink Minder, users can record and track the number of standard drinks they’ve consumed and can see their progress as they go.

ARCTIC – Kapiti College, Paraparaumu – Our app, Arctic, is an app designed to get people motivated, talk and learn in order to battle mental health issues.

See you at our Wellington showcase at Xero – details available soon!

Announcing the Queensland State Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



SMILE NATION – Ormiston College – Smiles are the same in every language, so use your smile to change the world.Do you want to help make the world a happier place?  Learn how with Smile Nation, the App that will get you, your friends and family smiling.

SUNFUN – Pacific Pines Primary School – SunFun is designed to help kids understand the importance of sun safety in a fun manner.

HEALTHIPAWS – St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School – The HealthiPaws App is a national app that connects local volunteer dog owners to families of sick children to improve mental health for children in hospital – helping them to get better.


CALME – Brigidine College – The app assists teenage students in relieving the effects of stress, depression, and low-esteem that may be associated with school, social media, family, peers and other pressures.

HELPA – St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School – Helpa is a social enterprise, connecting charitable homeowners to the homeless population. Our app allows the homeless to work in partnership with the community so stereotypes are broken and friendships built.

REVIBE – Somerset College – Our company, Blue Screen, has created an app with the purpose to assist people in dealing with mental health issues, and is targeted towards youth.

See you at the Showcase at QUT this Sunday! Tickets now sold out – all 450 of them!

Come and meet Minister Enoch and be the first to hear the National Winners!

Announcing the New South Wales State Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



HappyNess – St Joseph’s Como – Research has shown that Australian kids are the most stressed kids on Earth. A girls’ confidence can quickly disappear when things go wrong.

Produce Lane – Dunoon Public School – We designed our App to connect people to local and fresh food. This is good for people and good for the environment.

Talk to the Hand – CC Home School – Our app provides a fun, easy way to learn AUSLAN (AUstralian Sign LANguage) through videos, pictures, quizzes, songs and games.

Outshine the Sun – Our Lady of the Nativity Primary Lawson – Outshine the Sun encourages kids to think about their actions and their impact on global warming, taking them on an educational and fun journey.


Anigram Trakka  – Santa Sabina College Strathfield – This app is designed to assist researchers and conservationists to track koalas

Dyslexic Adventures – Lucas Heights Community School – Android app for dyslexia. Aimed at children ages 5-8 with difficulty identifying words. The app is a game that helps children with dyslexia.

Edulexic – Maitland High School – In Australia, approximately 10 percent of people have dyslexia. Our app has scientifically proven material.

Harlou – Maitland Grossmann High School – Harlou is a social networking app made by students, for students!

See you at the Showcase at Accenture next Saturday! Last chance to get your tickets.

Announcing the Western Australian Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



MATHS MISSION: SECRET SPY – All Saints College – This app provides mathematics education on topics such as time and measurement.

THE HEALTHY EMOJI – All Saints College – This app is solving the problem keeping healthy through playing a game.

CHILL YOUR MIND – All Saints College – This app helps people achieve goals, helping them feel better and bringing them to realise the world of mindfulness around them


THE HEALTH GURU – St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School – The Health Guru is an app designed to keep your health levels safe and correct. From what products to use with a major sunburn, to a daily plan regarding your sore back pains, this app will guide you on the road to recovery.

FOODLINK – ALPCA TEAM – Iona Presentation College – FoodLink is an application that links businesses and charities to reduce food wastage and help the needy.

LET’S TALK – Shenton College – App is designed around helping the close inner circle community of a young teen who has a mental illness. Let’s Talk firmly believes something needs to be done in order to prevent tragic incidents of teen suicide.

See you at the Showcase at ECU this Sunday! Last chance to get your tickets.

Announcing the Victorian Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



PIXEL PET  – St John Bosco’s Primary – Our app is a virtual pet game which helps calm the body and mind.

CHARITY CHIPMUNKS – Bialik College – Our app’s purpose is to give children a chance to give back to the community through their schools.

BULLY BUSTERS – Shelford Girls Grammar – ‘Bully Busters’ is an anti-bullying app for primary school students who are victims, bystanders or bullies.

EQUALITY HERO – Kardinia International College – Equality Hero provides a way for youth to play a game while learning about equality.


HEALTH EATING – St Aloysius College – Our app is a healthy eating app, called Healthy Minds.

UQUIZ – Phoenix P-12 Community College – UQuiz is an app designed to target people between the end of high school and university, and anyone else seeking further education who is unsure of what courses to take.

COURSE CORRECTOR – Phoenix P-12 Community College – Course Corrector is an app for high school students looking for a career to pursue in the future. It is aimed to help high school students find a course they would like to do.

STEPC02 – Virtual Team –  across Victoria & New South Wales – Provides both educational and entertainment options that teach children how to look after the environment and make good decisions that take into account pollution that can be caused by their actions.

See you at the Showcase at Xero this Sunday! Last chance to get your tickets.



Domestic Violence


Suicide Prevention

Mental Health

Personal Injuries


These are just some of the topics covered in the entries in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition! This year, we aligned our program with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are almost finished judging, and we are so impressed with the high level of quality in the entries! Our judges agree 🙂

Dear Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero 2017 Teams,

Congratulations on finishing your app! What a big achievement we have all accomplished. We have all learnt so many new skills and participating in the Tech Girls project has definitely inspired us to pursue our dream of careers in STEM.

We are the Pacific Pines Tech girls and our team consists of our amazing coaches Natalie Harris, Nadia Barratt and Kara Griggs who have encouraged us right through the whole competition. We also have our marvelous mentor Megan Reed who has guided our team to the finish line. We are Milla Mccashney, Courtney Hall, Isabelle Matthews, Emi Reed and Jasmine Sutton. We have created an app called SunFun. The purpose of the SunFun app is to educate children aged 10-14 about sun safety before their teenage years. We blended gamification techniques with educational facts throughout the app to make learning about sun safety a fun and engaging experience for users.

On the 16th of August, we held a showcase event at our school where we officially launched the SunFun app. This was our first chance to show off all our hard work so you can imagine how nervous but mostly excited we were! We invited just over 30 people which consisted of all of our families, coaches, mentor, our school administration, representatives from Cancer Council Queensland, and some of our very supportive teachers.

We each presented different aspects of the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero project. We started with a warm welcome to all of our guests and then we showcased our pitch video which everyone loved! We explained our journey through the competition, the research and work involved in completing the business plan, our industry partnership with Cancer Council Queensland, and the challenge of coding our app. To conclude our presentation we asked for any questions or comments and were bombarded with congratulations and questions about our app and our goals for the future. We answered all of these questions to the best of our ability and then spent some time mingling with our guests and enjoying light refreshments (this was a huge part of our journey – snacks are VERY important to our team! And braids… our mums are sick of braiding, haha!)

Our audience was so proud of what our team has accomplished. The launch afternoon was very special to us as all, and having our close companions there to witness our first ever showcase for our SunFun app meant so much to us. We are really proud of all of our hard work.  We hope that all of the other teams get to experience the same pride and excitement when sharing their apps – whether it be at a small event at your school or at the state showcase events.

Our team is also very excited to announce that we have been awarded a $1340 grant from IBM thanks to our mentor Megan’s volunteering efforts – how cool is that?! We still have to decide what we are going to use the grant for but we are thinking something along the lines of improving shade at our school! We were also lucky to be interviewed by the Gold Coast Bulletin and are eagerly awaiting our article in the paper! This competition has been so exciting from start to end.

So that’s a bit about our journey – we are so excited to hear about yours and see all the work you guys have done on the 3rd of September at the Brisbane Showcase. Good luck to all of the teams – we are sure you have created some amazing apps that will change the world. We sure hope our SunFun app is the start of a state wide (or maybe national or even GLOBAL) change for kids in sun safety.

From the Pacific Pines Tech Girls

Courtney, Emi, Isabelle, Jasmine & Milla