TEAM - CLASS ACT - Isobel (8) / Imogen (10) / Sophie (10) / Eloise (11)

SCHOOL: Northbridge Public School, Sydney, NSW

COACH: Michelle McPart / Nicola O'Brien

100 word app description:

Class Act is our app. This is a perfect mobile app for school students to remind them what events are on at school. The app includes a calendar for notifications, a profile page, and you can send teachers a message and make a free account. From the teacher’s point of view they can help students throughout the year with reminders and homework.


Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:

What is it? 
An app to help kids stay organized by giving them all the info they need in one place - their phone. It includes a calendar and message service as well as profile information. Later versions might also include being able to change a profile picture, and send messages to other students. (The app isn’t quite finished - the calendar still needs to be connected to the database.)

Who Will Buy It? 
Schools that want to make life easier for the school kids’ guardians. 

What problem does it solve?
Solves last minute problems or levels of stress for school children and guardians.

The app is absolutely free for children, and guardians unless they are willing to pay. 
We did a survey and it turns out many parents would pay for this app. But we’ll probably charge the schools money instead of each family so everyone at a school can use the app. Schools will pay to use the app, probably an annual fee. There are over 9000 schools in Australia, so even if we sold the app to 900 of them we could make money. The app could also be used by overseas schools.

Someone could go to the principal’s office & tell her/he about it.
We could go to a principals conference and tell lots of principals at once about the benefits of Class Act.
Make posters and stick them up around the community. 
Google & Facebook advertising.

How will we get new business:
We will provide it to schools and we are hoping that it will catch on based on how schools use it.

Here's the team demo video:

 Here is a team photo: