Edu-goals (Secondary school)

100 words app description

Many children worldwide have difficulty being motivated to do homework and home studies. EDU goals have been developed around these children, helping them to be the best and brightest they can. We hope all these students see an improvement not only in their achievements but also in the manner they look at homework. By using this app students can develop the fundamental skills needed to complete tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Students also learn that they are never alone because they can ask other students. This also appeals to parents, as it is a no cost peer counseling. This app is a one on one, student-to-student homework helpline. After much research we have changed and adapted some of our features such as games at first we didn’t have any but afterwards realized it motivates children to complete their work. We also added the social media site after we relized almost 40% of children understand from another childs point of view than a teachers or parents.

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