EnviroHero (Primary School)

100 words app description

Our app, EnviroHero, is about saving the devastating state of our beloved environment. 
This app concept is unique because it is focused on saving the environment. In this app, you have a list of challenges and checkboxes. You then have to go out and complete them in the real world. Once you’re down, click the checkbox and truthfully answer the pop up notice. If you have chosen the ‘Yes’ button, you switch to a screen with a cartoon shirt and a cartoon badge. When you have that procedure ten times, you are directed to a screen with your virtual shirt with all your badges on it. Then you get a new shirt. Each shirt is a new topic that is severely damaging our earth; deforestation, landfill, endangered animals and pollution. Once you have finished all the shirts, you get the majestic EnviroHero cape!

business plan (download)

pitch video