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Demo presentation at ACM SIGCHI Designing Interactive Systems #techgirls #STEM @DIS2016

Presenting the paper: Candle Shadow Display for Ambient Communication Delivery

Authors: Tuomas Lappalainen, Ashley Colley,  Jenine Beekhuyzen, Jonna Häkkilä 

Abstract: Candles are widely used in the home environment to create an intimate atmosphere, and they are often lit when thinking of a loved one. We took this as inspiration to create a natural candle based display for emotional communication. We demonstrate a display created by the shadows cast by a candle, which is placed on motorized candle stand. When the user receives a text message containing an emoticon, the candle stand rotates so that a corresponding shadow image is produced. The demonstration utilizes an Android based app which connects via Bluetooth to the candle stand, and employs a vocabulary of four emoticons and a question mark.