team - First Response - Ann (15) / Georgia (15) / Caitlin (15) / Emily (15)

School: Clayfield College

Coach: Andrew Russell

100 word app description:

The First aid  app, 'First Response', is a two in one app that connects people who are in need of medical help to a qualified medical or first aid professional. With the use of maps, location services and a profile based system, the app either shows the users location to a qualified professional during an emergency situation or allow you to message a qualified professional in a situation in which the user feels they are in need of medical advice. The profile system is personalized and allows the user to show or hide as much information as they feel comfortable according to their privacy settings.  The second part of our app uses simple tools that connects people with a simple step-by-step guide for what to do in an emergency situation. This guide provides a section where recognized first aid information is stored in an easy to use interface. The app also provides information and resources to help you beyond what the app is capable of, such as hotlines and lists or, or a location of your nearest hospital and medical centers. The use of notifications and alerts allows our app to become a part of the users everyday lives with useful and personalized tips and information. 

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here's the team business plan:

What will you sell?
First Response is an app that aims to provide users with emergency medical procedures and allows users to contact qualified emergency medical personal in their area.

How will customers learn about your business?
Customers will learn about First Response through YouTube advertisements and other Internet adds.

Who will buy it?
First Response is aimed at Australian citizens. Anyone wanting emergency first aid procedures or help from qualified personal will be able to use it.

How can you encourage referrals?
First Response will encourage referrals by providing users with the opportunity to share the app via email and social media.

How will your business idea help people?
First Response will help people by providing them with potentially life saving information.

What will you charge?
First Response costs nothing. Its free.

The project will be successful when it achieves these metrics:

Number of customers:
First Response will be successful when it achieves 500 users and downloads. '


How will you get paid?
Profit from First Response will come from advertisements featured in the app.


Specific concern or question #1
One concern we have with First Response is that, in an emergency situation those in need or those needed to respond may not have their phones on them.

Proposed solution to concern #1
First response will be used when people do have their phones, an will not apply to situations where phones are not available.

Here's the team demo video: