Fitspiration (Secondary school)

100 words app description

Fitspiration is a motivational app that promotes health and wellbeing. Our app addresses issues of obesity and lack of motivation by fitting health and fitness in with their, aforementioned, daily routines. This includes their work schedule, eating habits and availability of space and time. What sets the app apart from other fitness apps is the versatility of features and its motivational aspect. In addition to this, there will be daily ‘Fitspiration’ (fitness inspiration) to encourage the users to keep on trying their best. Some of the unique features in the app include the running track router which allows the user to trace their running/ walking/ cycling track in advance. Fitspiration is aimed at a wide audience, adults particularly, of any age who strive to be healthy, but just don’t know how they can do so to fit in with their own needs and lifestyle.

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