COACH: Mr. Tim Doyle

100 word app description:

Our App contains a game called Green Thumbs which teaches little kids how to look after
their carbon footprint and environment. In the game there are several levels which we
made different to show the different themes ands circumstances. The purpose of the game
is education and our main character is a bunny, which represents the innocence and
fragility of the world. Your aim is to collect as many green thumbs as possible and if you do
die its from wasting energy. Wee hope you enjoy our awesome game because it
transcends time and space.

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed in AppInventor:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:

What will we sell?
We are selling the app. We will also be selling in-app purchases and in-app advertising. That will give us 3 revenue streams. These are our ideas.

What will you charge?
We are going to charge 99c for the App purchase. Then for extra lives we are going to charge 1 dollar for 5 lives.   Our advertising will charge between 200-500 dollars a month for appearing to all users.

How will you get paid?
We will get paid by the money mentioned above.

How else will you make money from this project?
We can sell the rights to the apps to big companies who want to see more green like BP or Shell.

The project will be successful when I achieves these metrics: $500000 a year.

Here's the teams demo video:

Here is a team photo: