Team - ICT - Eliza (14) / Lola (14) / Jess (14)

School: Mary MacKillop College Nundah

Coach: Wayne Horne

100 word app description:

It is an app that our school can use to access notices and the school website information. It will have access to BCE emails etc. Most people these days don’t use laptops, they more than likely to always have their phone with them. So why not make a school app, pretty much the exact same as the school website. Students would be able to use their phones at school and have easier access to it. Students always use the excuse ‘I forgot my computer’ but you do not hear many excuses that are about forgetting your phone. We are making an app so students, teachers and parents can access the school website quickly and efficiently. Most people carry around their phones so if there is any urgent messages they can get it fast. Our target consumer is predominately students who always forget their laptops. This alternative will make teachers be in a better mood when they tell students to check the notices in morning house group.

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:

The app that we will be selling is a Mary MacKillop College app. The target market for our app is Students, Parents and Staff at Mary MacKillop College. As many of us know students, staff and parents can be unaware of what is happening at the school, such as special events, exams and other co-curricular events that may be occurring. To help staff and students it has links to Moodle, the BCE Emails, and Staff and Parents Portals. This will make people more aware of what I happening or what has happened around them.
Our app price will be priced at a $1.29 per purchase. We think this is a reasonable price as the app has lots to offer to our community. As this app could be a huge profit we would give the money to the schools so it can go towards helping our education. This may be able to buy more textbooks or educational resources. Our group thinks this is a good cause because Mary MacKillop College gives us opportunities, so we can give Mary MacKillop College an opportunity.
To get our business out into the community we will tell the school about it via the notices, assemblies, newsletters or house groups. This way it will spread quickly and will be able to make a profit quickly. If we let our principal or any staff member know about our app making business, our name will get out there within a few weeks. By getting large amounts of refferals we can make a profit which can help you receive a better education.
We are hoping to make a large profit. Within our initial target market we have approximately 500-600 students, 30-40 staff members and over 1000 immediate parents. Therefore we are aiming to reach a profit of $2000 for our school community in 1 year, however we hope that this number can be risen within the next few years as new students come through the college.
We may come across obstacles but we can hopefully overcome these in a short period of time. Some may include not making the minimum amount of money that we had hoped for. If we don’t make the amount of money we hoped it will not be a huge problem. We could easily make more apps that can benefit the community of Mary MacKillop College to possibly make up the money we never got. Another problem that we may come across may be the school not wanting the profit that we had raised, the alternative could be to give it to the Mary MacKillop Foundation where we know that it would be going to a good cause.

Here's the team demo video: