Watch what we got up to at RHOK Brisbane at our Random Hack of Kindness

This is my favourite video celebrating the achievements of a fantastic role model - Grace Hopper, thank you for helping us to talk to computers! Click to go to video site (I couldn't embed it).

Awareness is important! (jenine)

Subscribe to Verizon Wireless: Verizon is working with MAKERS to #InspireHerMind and encourage more girls to get involved with high-tech STEM fields. "Our words can have a huge impact. Isn't it time we told her she's pretty brilliant, too?

Come and study tech! via She++

Half the Sky: Study = Opportunity.

TEDx talk by Karen Catlin nicely summarises the lack of women in tech.

Changing the way we portray women in the media via Buzzfeed

Tech futures: A day made of glass via Corning