TEAM - LITTLE MISS PERSISTENT - Mikayla (14) / Matilda (14) / Carly (14) / Mary (13)

SCHOOL: Mary MacKillop Nundah

COACH: Mr. Wayne Horne

100 word app description:

Sporting injuries/pain to the body are becoming more and more common today as sport is gradually becoming more popular (due to wanting the right body shape, etc.). Technology is always readily available so this app will always be in reach if needed right there at the scene of the injury/pain. Accordingly, our app is a perfect way to receive information needed to fix an injury or pain quickly.

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed in AppInventor:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:

Target market:

[Who are you selling to? Why would they buy your products/services over others?] Adolescent females are our target market and we they would buy our app because it is personal to them.

Marketing strategy:

We plan to form public relations among the community to start and get personal selling and use below-the-line promotions as a starter, till we become profitable and able to provide the business with advertising (a paid, non-personal message).

Vision statement:

[The vision statement briefly outlines your future plan for the business. It should state clearly what your overall goals for the business are.] Our vision is to see the app evolve to a wider demographic and supple apps for males, the elderly or even occupational therapy exerciser and from a relationship with physics to get the best advice and stretches as possible.

Market targets:

We plan to sell 83 copies within the first 3 week (this is said because 57% of our research, said they would buy our app).

Customer demographics:

Adolescent (12 - 19); females; enjoyment of sport; enhancing skills & frequently get injuries.

Your competitors:

Our app is better than our computers because we have a very specific demographic (meaning more personal) and we offer our services also on youtube as well as the app.

Competitor details:

With this app you can learn more about injury management and prevention along with Taping techniques that include the ankle, wrist, knee and shoulder. Elastoplast Injury Management application is the app to keep important taping techniques and injury management information with you wherever you go, so it is always handy while on the sports field.
Likes: It tells us how to strap our sore, Its simple to use
Dislikes: It doesn’t give you step by step on what to do (like a video tutorial), it costs money. 

Physiotherapy exercises: 
This application allows you to search for exercises appropriate for people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions. It is a very handy reference for physiotherapists and other professionals. Over 600 exercises are available with over 1000 images. You can search by condition, exercise type, body part, equipment available and age category. You can can select exercises and save them to up to five different slots for future reference. The application does not require an online connection to run. It is fully self contained. This application is free, and we plan on including other languages soon. If you have ideas for more exercises, please contact us.
Dislikes: This app does not have tutorials or videos to explain the injury and help prevent an injury. 
Likes: This application does have visual picture to help explain their concept.x


Vision statement:

We hope to offer more apps like this with a wider demographic; for example: the elderly, males e.c.t

Mission statement:

Using public relations we hope to get our name out there and possible get sponsorships.

Here's the team demo video: