Meet Dan Heck - the awesome illustrator of Tech Girls Are Superheroes!

Dan created all of the illustrated characters for Tech Girls Are Superheroes and the Tech Girls Movement, including all 26 characters in the book, and the five archetypes and their alter egos. He even designed the cover!

Dan is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Griffith University. He is planning to become an Art teacher. 

I (Jenine) was introduced to Dan through Dan's flatmate Sam McConochie who was my undergraduate IT student at the time. I was talking about the book in class and Sam saw the opportunity to introduce us (I'm forever grateful!). It is great to have guys involved too.

Dan bought the superheroes to life in a way I could only have dreamed of. I asked him why he took on this job over his summer holidays and he replied:

"I took the illustration job on because firstly it sounded like a great cause to be behind and get involved in, and secondly because the subject matter (drawing tech girls as superheroes) was too darn cool to pass up (and a lot of fun to draw :D)".

I gave Dan a fairly tough task - read the fiction stories the girls wrote, look at the photos of the #techgirls alongside their bios and come up with an animation that fits their 'style'. Dan produced around 40 images in about 6 weeks. Pretty impressive!

Dan's early #techgirls designs