Mindrarium (Secondary school)

100 words app description

Teenagers and young adults suffering from mental health issues may also be affected by societal stigma and isolation by peers. This lack of understanding concerning these issues within our community is a prevalent and relevant problem in this day and age. Mood disorders such as depression or anxiety, eating disorders and behavioural disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are not yet widely regarded as disability that has potential to severely impact an individual's life. We, the Four Leaf Clovers, believe that awareness should be raised about these issues. In order to accomplish this we have created an android IOS mobile app with a safe environment for young people to discuss problems with peers. Mindrarium includes features such as tips, information on mental health issues and records the app user’s 'level of happiness'. With Mindrarium, we encourage healthy conversations about mental health to support young people with these problems.

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