Announcing the #NSW Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition #techgirls #STEM

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Announcing the New South Wales State Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



HappyNess - St Joseph's Como - Research has shown that Australian kids are the most stressed kids on Earth. A girls’ confidence can quickly disappear when things go wrong.

Produce Lane - Dunoon Public School - We designed our App to connect people to local and fresh food. This is good for people and good for the environment.

Talk to the Hand - CC Home School - Our app provides a fun, easy way to learn AUSLAN (AUstralian Sign LANguage) through videos, pictures, quizzes, songs and games.

Outshine the Sun - Our Lady of the Nativity Primary Lawson - Outshine the Sun encourages kids to think about their actions and their impact on global warming, taking them on an educational and fun journey.

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Anigram Trakka  - Santa Sabina College Strathfield - This app is designed to assist researchers and conservationists to track koalas

Dyslexic Adventures - Lucas Heights Community School - Android app for dyslexia. Aimed at children ages 5-8 with difficulty identifying words. The app is a game that helps children with dyslexia.

Edulexic - Maitland High School - In Australia, approximately 10 percent of people have dyslexia. Our app has scientifically proven material.

Harlou - Maitland Grossmann High School - Harlou is a social networking app made by students, for students!

Announcing the #WA Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition #techgirls #STEM

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Announcing the Western Australian Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



MATHS MISSION: SECRET SPY - All Saints College - This app provides mathematics education on topics such as time and measurement.

THE HEALTHY EMOJI - All Saints College - This app is solving the problem keeping healthy through playing a game.

CHILL YOUR MIND - All Saints College - This app helps people achieve goals, helping them feel better and bringing them to realise the world of mindfulness around them

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THE HEALTH GURU - St Mary's Anglican Girls' School - The Health Guru is an app designed to keep your health levels safe and correct. From what products to use with a major sunburn, to a daily plan regarding your sore back pains, this app will guide you on the road to recovery.

FOODLINK - ALPCA TEAM - Iona Presentation College - FoodLink is an application that links businesses and charities to reduce food wastage and help the needy.

LET’S TALK - Shenton College - App is designed around helping the close inner circle community of a young teen who has a mental illness. Let’s Talk firmly believes something needs to be done in order to prevent tragic incidents of teen suicide.

Announcing the #VIC Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition #techgirls #STEM

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Announcing the Victorian Finalists in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!



PIXEL PET  - St John Bosco’s Primary - Our app is a virtual pet game which helps calm the body and mind.

CHARITY CHIPMUNKS - Bialik College - Our app’s purpose is to give children a chance to give back to the community through their schools.

BULLY BUSTERS - Shelford Girls Grammar - 'Bully Busters’ is an anti-bullying app for primary school students who are victims, bystanders or bullies.

EQUALITY HERO - Kardinia International College - Equality Hero provides a way for youth to play a game while learning about equality.

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HEALTH EATING - St Aloysius College - Our app is a healthy eating app, called Healthy Minds.

UQUIZ - Phoenix P-12 Community College - UQuiz is an app designed to target people between the end of high school and university, and anyone else seeking further education who is unsure of what courses to take.

COURSE CORRECTOR - Phoenix P-12 Community College - Course Corrector is an app for high school students looking for a career to pursue in the future. It is aimed to help high school students find a course they would like to do.

STEPC02 - Virtual Team -  across Victoria & New South Wales - Provides both educational and entertainment options that teach children how to look after the environment and make good decisions that take into account pollution that can be caused by their actions.

#poverty #waste #domesticviolence #suicideprevention #mentalhealth App entries #techgirls #STEM @DrMel_T



Domestic Violence


Suicide Prevention

Mental Health

Personal Injuries


These are just some of the topics covered in the entries in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition! This year, we aligned our program with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are almost finished judging, and we are so impressed with the high level of quality in the entries! Our judges agree :)

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Guest blog post by our Pacific Pines #techgirls! Must read! #STEM #qld #sunsafety #innovation @leeanneenoch @CancerCouncilOz

Dear Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero 2017 Teams,

Congratulations on finishing your app! What a big achievement we have all accomplished. We have all learnt so many new skills and participating in the Tech Girls project has definitely inspired us to pursue our dream of careers in STEM.

We are the Pacific Pines Tech girls and our team consists of our amazing coaches Natalie Harris, Nadia Barratt and Kara Griggs who have encouraged us right through the whole competition. We also have our marvelous mentor Megan Reed who has guided our team to the finish line. We are Milla Mccashney, Courtney Hall, Isabelle Matthews, Emi Reed and Jasmine Sutton. We have created an app called SunFun. The purpose of the SunFun app is to educate children aged 10-14 about sun safety before their teenage years. We blended gamification techniques with educational facts throughout the app to make learning about sun safety a fun and engaging experience for users.

On the 16th of August, we held a showcase event at our school where we officially launched the SunFun app. This was our first chance to show off all our hard work so you can imagine how nervous but mostly excited we were! We invited just over 30 people which consisted of all of our families, coaches, mentor, our school administration, representatives from Cancer Council Queensland, and some of our very supportive teachers.

We each presented different aspects of the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero project. We started with a warm welcome to all of our guests and then we showcased our pitch video which everyone loved! We explained our journey through the competition, the research and work involved in completing the business plan, our industry partnership with Cancer Council Queensland, and the challenge of coding our app. To conclude our presentation we asked for any questions or comments and were bombarded with congratulations and questions about our app and our goals for the future. We answered all of these questions to the best of our ability and then spent some time mingling with our guests and enjoying light refreshments (this was a huge part of our journey – snacks are VERY important to our team! And braids… our mums are sick of braiding, haha!)

Our audience was so proud of what our team has accomplished. The launch afternoon was very special to us as all, and having our close companions there to witness our first ever showcase for our SunFun app meant so much to us. We are really proud of all of our hard work.  We hope that all of the other teams get to experience the same pride and excitement when sharing their apps - whether it be at a small event at your school or at the state showcase events.

Our team is also very excited to announce that we have been awarded a $1340 grant from IBM thanks to our mentor Megan’s volunteering efforts – how cool is that?! We still have to decide what we are going to use the grant for but we are thinking something along the lines of improving shade at our school! We were also lucky to be interviewed by the Gold Coast Bulletin and are eagerly awaiting our article in the paper! This competition has been so exciting from start to end.

So that’s a bit about our journey - we are so excited to hear about yours and see all the work you guys have done on the 3rd of September at the Brisbane Showcase. Good luck to all of the teams - we are sure you have created some amazing apps that will change the world. We sure hope our SunFun app is the start of a state wide (or maybe national or even GLOBAL) change for kids in sun safety.

From the Pacific Pines Tech Girls

Courtney, Emi, Isabelle, Jasmine & Milla

Update on the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition #techgirls #STEM

We are super excited to update you on the

2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition!

We had more than 1000 girls participate this year in 2017. This is double the participants we had in 2016 and a 400% increase from 2015.

Entries were received from 143 teams by the deadline, showing the competition isn't easy!  Entries stemmed from all States and ACT in Australia, and both the North and South Island of New Zealand, for the first time ever!

We had more than 250 mentors who donated more than 6000 hours of their time! And 230 coaches who were amazing!

For those who didn't quite submit, we welcome you back next year!


We are now finalising the judging and we will announce the state/region finalists next week. We will announce the national winners (Australia and New Zealand) on the 3rd of September at QUT.

We hope you have registered to attend a showcase event, or are creating your own (let us know!).

We are so very proud of our tech girls and grateful to our coaches and mentors. Thank you for your wonderful support.

Have you signed up as an official member of the Tech Girls Movement yet? Join now!

Register now for our #techgirls #STEM 2017 competition showcases! @xero @ecu @accenture @QUT

Register now for our 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero Showcases in 6 locations this year!

Tickets are selling very fast with some events almost sold out.

Register now for our free events!

Melbourne 27th August @ Xero

Perth 27th August @ Edith Cowan University

Sydney 2nd September @ Accenture

Brisbane 3rd September @ QUT

Wellington TBA, Adelaide TBA...and possibly more! Stay tuned!

Thanks to the Queensland Government for funding our national showcase in Brisbane! We are super excited that Minister Enoch, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation will be back for the third year in a row!

We invite all Tech Girls who have participated in the competition in 2017 to come along to a showcase event and display their app. We also invite parents, teachers and others from their local tech industry and community, come in to talk to you about your app and what you have created.

This is a great opportunity to share your app with others and to meet other Tech Girls who have come through the Tech Girls program, we will have workshops and other hands on activities at the events, catering and of course, you get your very own Superhero cape bag full of goodies.

We would love to run a showcase event in every city if we could but sadly we don't have the funding to do that, so if you can't make it to our planned showcase events, we encourage you to organise your own in your locate community and invite people to find out more about your app, we are here to support you in any way we can in doing that. 

We cannot wait to meet you and see our team's Apps!

Australian #techgirls head to @Technovation to pitch at @Google HQ #SiliconValley #USA #STEM #superheroes

In just under three weeks, the Tech Girls Movement will take three teams of Australian school girls to be part the Global Technovation Challenge. on this adventure, they will pitch the Apps that they built in the 2016 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition and over the summer holidays at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley.

We are so very proud of our teams of girls who have been invited to share their creations with an international audience and be global Ambassadors for Australia.

Meet our three teams

Reading Republic

Our Sydney-based Primary School team's App Reading Republic encourages kids to read in a child-friendly environment where they can read and write book reviews. It’s an Android app and website that gets kids to review books, take quizzes about the books they’ve read and collect coins that unlock mini-games. The reviews allow kids to get a better understanding of what the book is about and the level of reading difficulty. Reviews can be read, listened to, or even watched, catering for all levels of students.

Reading Republic were featured on ABC TV’s Good Game in 2016  and they were also featured in The Project TV episode this month. You can download their app from the google play store here.

Vocabulary Voyagers

A creation of a Perth-based Secondary School team, Vocabulary Voyagers is a literacy app targeted at primary school students to improve their literacy reading skills in a fun, digital environment. It offers a range of preset spelling lists based on the Australian national curriculum and NAPLAN tests. The app also includes more challenging lists in order to expand children’s vocabulary. Not only does Vocabulary Voyagers improve children’s spelling and vocabulary, but it also features games directed at improving reading comprehension, with an original story. With enjoyable mini games and quirky pirates, the app helps children build a foundation to aid in literacy at a secondary level. 

In 2016 the Vocabulary Voyagers entered Technovation and made it in the top 1% of entries around the world ahead of thousands of teams. Their App has already had 3500 downloads from the Google play store. Get your copy here.


This Brisbane-based Secondary School team worked hard over the summer holidays to build an App to help people with autism find employment. Speechability is a mobile application where people with autism are able to easily locate a variety of nearby jobs that are suitable to their skill and ability level. The jobs that are provided are related to users' interests and hobbies, giving people an opportunity to work in a part time job they will love. Speechability is a not-for-profit organisation and the majority of their profits are going to Autism Queensland to support schooling for autistic children.

We couldn't be more thrilled to work with Technology One and Inspiring Australia to take these teams to the USA for the Technovation Challenge. We will be sharing lots of our adventure with all of you, which starts on the 5th of August, so stay tuned on our social media!

A great STAQ event in #gladstone @QLDSTEM #techgirls #QLD @advanceqld #STEM #innovation

Last week we were super excited to be presenting as part of the Queensland STEM Education Network at their Science Teachers Association of Queensland Conference, alongside the Australia of the year EmeritusProfessor Alan Mackay-Sim.

Emeritus Professor Mackay-Sim, kicked off the day's activities, consisting of a variety of workshops on topics such as Tech Girls are Superheroes, and other issues important to teachers in the digital age.

Our trip to regional Queensland hanging out CQU was heaps of fun, and we connected with many of our supporters who have teams in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero Competition,

Emiritus Professor Mackay-Sim, will kick off the day's activities, which consists of a variety of workshops on topics such as Tech Girls are Superheros, and other issues important to teachers.
We are also excited to go regional to Gladstone, and hang out at CQU and connect with many of our supporters who have teams in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero Competition, there are still spaces available so register now  See you there!

Vote for the Next Tech Girl Superhero Tee Design! #techgirls #STEM #design #innovation #superheroes

We invited you to design our next Tech Girls Superhero T-shirt and now w are asking you to vote for your favourite t-shirt!

Vote for your favourite design here


The favourite t-shirt will be chosen for print and will be worn by many Tech Girl Superheroes in 2017 and beyond!

The vote will be open to the public until Sunday the 16th of July and you can vote as many times as you like!  Please remember to include your email address so we can notify you of the winning design!

Please share with your family and friends

Reading Republic awarded Junior Student Winners (NSW Division) for the @iAwards #techgirls #STEM #iawards #NSW @readingrepublic

Last week Reading Republic were awarded as the Junior Students Winner (NSW Division) for the New South Wales iAwards!

Reading Republic encourages kids to read in a child-friendly environment where you can read and write book reviews. It’s an Android app and website that gets kids to review books, take quizzes about the books they’ve read and collect coins that unlock mini-games. The reviews allow kids to get a better understanding of what the book is about and the level of reading difficulty. Reviews can be read, listened to, or even watched, catering for all levels of students.

Officially: Other reading apps are too expensive and don’t allow kids to interact and share their thoughts about the books they are reading. Reading Republic is designed for kids by kids. Reading Republic is utilising technology to assist with the development of kid’s literacy skills and it’s a great example of new technology supporting older forms of entertainment like reading.

CeBIT, 2017 We presented, we caped, we had a great time! @cebitaus #techgirls #STEM #innovation #sydney

On Wednesday the 24th of May, our founder and CEO, Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen took to the stage at Australia's biggest technology conference, CeBIT, 2017. 

Invited as a panellist to talk about the future workforce in Australia, Jenine discussed how the Tech Girls Movement is creating a new generation of technology entrepreneurs, who have hands-on skills and confidence to contribute to the Australian talent pipeline.

cebit image002.jpeg

Talking alongside industry giants such as Alan Noble, the Head of Engineering at Google in Australia and New Zealand, and CSIRO (talking about their Scientists in Schools program), and the University of Technology Sydney, and our partner Kelly Tagalan at Code Club Australia and others, the discussion highlighted the current gaps in the workplace and how we collectively are working together to address them.

We had some fun with it with Jenine aka Jewella wearing her signature red superhero cape on stage.  The panel followed an inspiring presentation by Randi Zuckerburg, who, herself, is encouraging girls into STEM.

cebit image003.jpeg

Jenine met Randi Zuckerburg, the fabulous sister of Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook, and she gave her a copy of Tech Girls are Superheroes and got this cool snap! Randi's presentation was really entertaining. Randi talked about her book to get girls into STEM. Get your copy of Dot now!

See you next year, CeBIT!

TGM screening of @shestartedit Thank you @salesforce @drcatherineball @@jam1eleach #brisbane #techgirls #STEM

Guest blog post by Emily Hay. Photos by Eric McCowan,

On 10th May 2017, the Brisbane Women in Tech Salesforce user group held a documentary screening, providing a fundraising opportunity and spreading the word about Tech Girls Movement.

So what is the Brisbane Women in Tech Salesforce user group? Run by Emily Hay and Bec Aichholzer, it's part of the global Salesforce user group program. A user group is a group of people centered around a particular software or hardware, who come together regularly to share experiences and understanding of the product. 

About 7 years ago, the original Women in Tech Salesforce user group started with around 20 women meeting up at the annual Dreamforce conference, held by Salesforce in San Francisco. It's now grown into a global network of more than 76 groups, with thousands of members. 

The Brisbane Women in Tech user group have a vision: 

“To create a supportive, engaging and friendly environment for local women in tech to share experiences, and build a network. We want to answer the questions, “Is it just me? Am I alone?” with a resounding NO!”

CODE screeningShe Started It

You can view the She Started It trailer here:

This time round, fabulous local start-up Skedulo decided to re-up on last year's support and via their sponsorship, helped Emily & Bec bring the screening to our attendees, entirely free of charge. As Emily put it, “that's pretty rad, so I thought to myself, we should use this as an opportunity to pay that radness forwards.” 

Cue Tech Girls Movement. Emily & Bec collected donations in lieu of charging for tickets, and the event raised $695 in total for TGM, and also raised awareness about our cause. 

Emily describes the introduction to the film as “a phenomenal panel of business and tech leaders, I was loathe to end the panel discussion to allow for the screening; I could have listened to these women drop truth-bombs all evening. A huge thank you to Rebecca Livesey, Jamie Leach & Dr Catherine Ball for sharing their time with us at the event!”

(L-R: Rebecca Livesey, Dr. Catherine Ball, Jamie Leach & event co-leader Bec Aichholzer)

Rebecca Livesey is an executive coach and Managing Director of Achieve-Lead-Succeed, previously a non-technical CIO and experienced in what it takes to strike out on your own after working for big business.

Dr Catherine Ball is an author, founder, and ethics advocate working across global projects where robotics and new technology meet environmental protection. Check out her exciting project, She Flies, where you can learn how drones can change the world, and even get to pilot one yourself!

Jamie Leach is the CEO of GIS People & Gruntify; Chair of Tech Girls Movement Foundation, and currently studying for her Doctorate of Business Administration in Financial Barriers to Female Entrepreneurs, Jamie has extensive knowledge of what it takes to create successful web start-ups. 

The film itself was very interesting and the audience's hearts were riding the emotional ups and downs experienced by the young female tech entrepreneurs profiled. Overall, there were a few poignant take-away messages for young women, from both the film and the panel:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” 

“It's when you're being true to yourself that you can change the world”

While friends, family, teachers and other role models are there to support you and give you advice, you ultimately must be true to yourself. What do you think is important? What are your values? What is your idea of success? 

Be tenacious and back yourself.

Click here to see the event photos from the night!


Congratulations to our global #Australia @technovation semi-finalists @ReadingRepublic and Speechability! #techgirls #STEM

Congratulations to two Australian teams named semi-finalists in the global

Technovation Challenge!

Out of thousands of teams around the world, Queensland Secondary School team Speechability and New South Wales Primary School team Reading Republic have been named among the 200 semi-finalists announced this week, with a have a chance at the 12 top finalist places to formally pitch their app in San Francisco in August.

Alisa, Aeshlein and Lily created Speechability, an App for parents, carers or people with a disability to easily locate businesses offering part time or casual jobs.

Speechability is a mobile application where people with autism will be able to easily locate a variety of nearby jobs that are suitable to their skill and ability level. The jobs that are provided are related to users' interests and hobbies, giving people an opportunity to work in a part time job they will love. Speechability is a not-for-profit organisation and majority of our profits are going to Autism Queensland to support schooling for autistic children. 

Angelica, Sabrina, Isobel, Sophia and Claire created Reading Republic, an App to encourage children to read.

We think education should be free so we are building a social app to share our love of reading! In our App there are...coins, quizzes, a 'My Library' feature, book reviews from your friends and avatars from your favourite books!

Reading Republic were named National Australian winners in 2016 in the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition - you may have seen them on ABC TV Good Game

Join us in wishing our teams all the best for the finals!

Kick off! Week 1 of the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero #techgirls #STEM

Here we go Tech Girls!

We are super excited to kick off the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition this week!

In just 4 years, we have engaged approximately 1650 students in the competition directly, and those students have been supported by 400+ mentors who have volunteered more than 5000 hours of their time to make a difference to an industry in great need of talent and diversity.

We have just registered our 250th team for this year across Australia and New Zealand, which is more than 1000 students! This is double the number of competitors we had last year. We are proud to announce that we have almost completed matching every single team of girls with a female mentor working in the tech industry! 

For teams, coaches and mentors registered, see the welcome video below from our CEO Jenine aka Jewella. We look forward to helping you become an entrepreneur and solve a problem in your local community. Good luck!

Tech Girls are Superheroes launches in New Zealand! #techgirls #STEM #NS #STEAM #superheroes #innovation

In March 2017, the Tech Girls Movement made their way to New Zealand for a big launch of their Tech Girls are Superheroes campaign for 2017.  The original plan for the trip was to host the Superhero Daughter Day at Auckland University of Technology, bringing in 200 girls and their parents to have hands-on fun with tech.

The Superhero Daughter Day was a fun day, full of robots, pulling computers apart, and coding.  In the lead-up to Superhero Daughter Day on the 18th of March, we went on a road-trip of the South Island of New Zealand.  Landing in Christchurch on the 12th of March, we headed south with our New Zealand team (Dianne, Jess, and Siggy) to see how many schools, teachers, parents and career advisors we could meet in five days. 

After stopping in the beautiful Oamaru overnight, we headed south to Dunedin.  We visited many schools on our trip of the South Island, including Blue Mountain College, Logan Park High School, Kavanagh College, Bayfield High School, Queen's High School, Kaikorai Valley College, Columba College, Hatch Education, Balmacewen Intermediate School, Tahuna School, Otago Girls' High School, St Hilda's Collegiate School, St Margaret's College, Kaiapoi Borough School, Kaiapoi High School, Omarama School.

We reached more than 400 students in those few days in the South Island, many career advisors, industry people, and parents.

Thanks to Otago Polytechnic, for hosting us, and also to my New Zealand team who took us on this very excellent road trip to spread the Tech Girls word. 

Our week ended back where we started, with our Superhero Daughter Day on the 18th of March in Auckland.  Thanks to Harry and the team at Auckland University of Technology, OMGTech!, and She#

We are so very excited to launch in New Zealand.

More photos from our exciting adventures from our road trip and launch of Tech Girls are Superheroes can be found at our flickr page

We are excited to have you part of the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero!

Celebrating #IWD2017 @Google HQ #Sydney with our #techgirls teams #STEM

Thanks to  Lauren Trompp , the photographer for this event

Thanks to Lauren Trompp, the photographer for this event

On the 8th of March, 2017, The Tech Girls Movement launched their 2017 Tech Girls Are Superheroes Campaign at Google Headquarters in Sydney.  With 150 industry guests and 7 teams from the 2016 competition there to pitche their ideas, our morning tea was full of yummy cupcakes, impressive Apps, and a great feel of excitement with the theme of the day being #beboldforchange.

We received a grant from Inspire Australia through Ausindustry to fly our teams to Google to network with industry and share the wonderful solutions they've built as Apps. 

On the day, we had two panels, one with our CEO Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen alongside Sally-Ann Williams, Outreach Manager for Google Australia, Nicola O'Brien, Head CodeRanger, and Monica Wulff.  Nicola was the Coach and Monica the mentor of Reading Republic, who were our Primary School winners of the 2016 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero. 

Following our panel, our Reading Republic  girls took to the stage.  Remember, they're 9, 10 and 11 years old, and they talked about their App and their experience in the competition with ease and humour.  Their presentation was highly memorable and well received by our industry audience.  They highlighted the success of the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero Competition, and are living proof of future Tech Girl leaders who have confidence, skills, and cool attitude.

More photos from this great event can be found at our flickr page

Register now for the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero #techgirl #STEM #innovation #science #technology

Registrations are now open for the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero! We call for coaches to register their team of tech girls and we invite girls between 7 and 17 years old to compete to be the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero.

We also invite mentors to register, and we match up with each team of tech girls who will participate and be part of an exciting program where you learn to be a tech entrepreneur.

Thank you to all of our funding and supporting partners helping us to grow the program.

So how does it work?

Teams of 3-5 girls from 7 to 17 years old form a group and ask a coach to represent them and register them. A coach is a parent or teacher who is the contact point for the team. The 12-week program will run in Term 2, and it will kick off on the 1st of May and conclude with entries due at 5:00 pm on Friday the 29th of July. The matching of each team of girls with a female mentor working in the tech industry is key to our program, and we try to co-locate as much as possible so the mentor can visit the girls directly. However, the program is designed to be all online so no face to face contact is expected throughout the program. We do require all mentors to have a current Working with Children check .

What do you learn?

Teams of girls work through a 12 week STEM entrepreneurship program in Term 2, provided by the Technovation Challenge which is the global app making competition for girls. Here in Australia, the Tech Girls Movement are the Regional Ambassadors for this program and we implement their curriculum. The global Technovation Challenge run their program from October to April therefore teams coming through our Australian or New Zealand timeline from May to September can enter the global Technovation Challenge with the same entry just months later for a second chance to win.

Essentially, teams need to identify a problem in their local community they would like to solve, then they need to research how other people solve that problem, then teams design their own solution in a form of a wire-frame for an app. Then teams build a working prototype of their app. Once complete, they pitch their idea and the demo they have created and tell us how amazing it is.

We will announce State and National winners both in the Secondary and Primary Category. The Tech Girls Movement will then take the winning primary and secondary teams to San Francisco in August to pitch at the Global Technovation Challenge along side teams from all around the world.

In 2016, Vocabulary Voyagers from St Mary's Anglican Girls School in Perth who were our winning secondary school team in Australia, made it to the top 1% of entries in the global Technovation challenge alongside 800 other teams. This is the first for any Australian team. Vocabulary Voyagers Pitch Video

Here you can meet our Reading Republic team - our winning 2016 Primary School team - Reading Republic Pitch Video & featured on ABC Good Game.

In March 2017, not only did we launch our Australian program at Google Headquarters in Sydney alongside a series of events for Vodafone/HP, Accenture, Avanade, the Australian Computer Society and others. We also launched the program in New Zealand in Auckland at our Superhero Daughter day on the 18th of March.

We also hosted 9 Superhero daughter days together with Diverse City Careers in March for International Womens Day to launch the program for the year across every state and territory in Australia and in Auckland. We also did a road-trip of the South Island of New Zealand to promote the program to schools locally there, and we have a team to help us expand the program across New Zealand.

We have had a very busy start to the year and are super excited to see what the entries come in. Register now tech girls, coaches and mentors for our 2017 program. 

Register now!

Our @Vocab_Voyagers hosted School Holidays #Perth Coding Workshop @stmarysags @TechnologyOne #techgirls #STEM

Guest blog post by Kira Molloy

Vocabulary Voyagers and Technology Captain

St Marys Anglican Girls School

A 4-day coding workshop during the summer holidays was offered to students in Years 7-10. This was a student lead workshop run by Technology Captain 2017, Kira Molloy as well as girls from Year 12 who gave up time out of their schoolholidays to assist her. These girls were Molly Brades, Sayalee Tak and DelaneyEastabrook. During this course, girls learnt how to not only code an app but also important entrepreneurial skills such as pitching, writing a business plan, branding and marketing. Industry experts from Avanade, Microsoft and Fogarty Foundation as well as inspiring women in STEM such as Lyn Beazley and Michelle Sandford also volunteered to help the girls and delivered insights into what its like to work in technology and the ever-growing importance that technology plays in our society.

By the fourth day, the girls’ apps were impressive and you could see their excitement as their apps started to come to life. The girls have big goals such as putting their apps onto the Google Play Store, which is a goal I know they will achieve. The final day ended with a ‘pitch-off’ where each team pushed through their nerves and pitched their apps in an attempt to win a waterproof and shockproof speaker each, as kindly donated by Technology One or a Selfie stick each for second prize as kindly donated by Avanade. The pitches were judged by experts from Microsoft and Avanade and a winner was chosen. Even though not all girls won they each walked away with other gifts such as pens, goodie bags and Frisbees as donated by Technology One, Avanade and Tech Girls Movement.

These girls have shown great potential and a weekly meeting will be held throughout the year so that they can keep developing their apps before entering their apps into the National Competition Search for the Next Tech Girls Superhero and later the global Technovation competition where if they are successful will accompany team Vocabulary Voyagers to Silicon Valley. We look forward to seeing what the girls produce in the next few months to come.

We at the Tech Girls Movement are so very proud of our #techgirls running this successful workshop!