Team - PawsOut - Robyn (14) / Georgia (14) / Jessica (14) / Emmaline (14)


Coach: Tim Kemp

100 word app description:

“Uhhh- I don’t have time to walk the dog!”
“I want to exercise but exercising outside is just not fun anymore!”
Pawsout is an app that connects busy dog owners with eager dog walkers.
For Dog Owners:
     - Quick and easy signup to register your dog for a walking experience
     - Have your dog walked as often as you like for a low monthly fee
     - Upload an image of your dog
For Dog Walkers
     - Instantly search for dogs in your area that need walking
     - Give yourself a reason to get outside and walk
     - Earn reward points for each walk
     - Redeem points for prizes

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:


Here's the team pitch video:


Here is the team business plan:

Market Research:

Our target market includes two distinct groups:
    1. Dog owners of all ages
    2.Young people between the ages of 14 and 19 who would like to walk dogs

Paws Out solves two national problems in a positive, simple way.

    1. 20% of kids are overweight or obese. The Active Healthy Kids Australia 2014 Report Card states that they are not getting enough exercise!
    2. Youth unemployment is on the rise (currently 20% between 15-19), we know that Australia has 4.2million dogs and

Paw Out matches the youth of Australia with dogs that need to be walked! Young people get outdoors, get active and earn points (and they learn the skills of working such as responsibility, respectfulness and independence) and our furry friends get the walking they need.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) we know;

    - There are approximately 1.5 million 14 to 18 year olds in Australia.
    - A quarter (25%) of Australian children are overweight or obese.

Our research also shows that 20% of 15-19 year olds are unemployed.    

According to thSPCA:

    - there are an estimated 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia; 19 dogs for every 100 people.
    - Australia has one of the highest rates of pet owners in the world; with over 63% of Australian households containing pets.

With approximately 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia, it is evident that a large quantity of the population are looking to walk a dog or have their dog walked.

Need for Pawsout in the Local Community:

There is a need for our app in the market as some people living in the local community don’t have the opportunity or motivation to experience the outdoor environment with a useful, rewarding process. Providing an opportunity for young people to walk and interact with dogs means their need for activity and outdoor experience is filled, along with the dog owner’s need for their dog to be walked.

Dog walkers will find the app beneficial as they stay or become fit and healthy, learn life, and safety skills while also gain responsibility, respectfulness and independence. Dog owners would find this app extremely useful as it would assist them in caring for their dog’s needs.

Estimation of Market:

An estimate of the Australian market size for dog owners would be 500 000 to 600 000, as with 63% of Australian households owning a pet about a quarter of these need their dogs walked and open to finding a technological solution.

Market Demand:

To discover what the local community thought of our app and the safety issues we needed to address a survey was created:

    1. Would you consider using the ‘Pawsout’ app to find under 18 year old dog walkers?
    2. If yes, why would you consider using it? OR If no why wouldn’t you consider using it?
    3. As a parental figure, would you allow your under 18 year old child to participate in a dog walking app where they (your child) would be unsupervised when picking up, walking and dropping off another customer's dog?
    4. If you wouldn’t allow your child to be involved, why would this be?
    5. Would you be willing to pay for public liability insurance to ensure the wellbeing of your child?
    6. If yes, why? If no, why?
    7. What safety precautions could be put in place to make you or your child more comfortable with the situation?

Over 50% of our survey participants were concerned about child under 10 years of age walking dogs, although they were happy with a person in their teens or above to dog walk. Therefore, it was decided to alter the app to aim at those above 14.


As ere are approximately 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia, we will receive at the very least five to six hundred thousand dog owners using our app. With this large market and necessary safety, insurance and advertising expenses, a monthly $15 subscription will be introduced for each pet owner. This $15 will provide the necessary monetary requirements to keep Pawsout functioning.
The p consists of two types of users- the dog owner and dog walker. Each user has a different fee. The dog owner pays a monthly subscription of $15 once they have come into contact with the dog walkers. Dog walkers receive points when they walk a dog which can be redeemed as vouchers. These vouchers are provided from our sponsors which include; local veterinary clinics
of our survey participants were concerned about a child under 10 years of ageand pet facilities. A reward system for the dog walker is fair as they are participating in the work, whereas the dog owner isn’t. A reward system is also effective as it will further attract interested potential dog walkers.
The current dog walking market’s supply and demand and competition would determines prices selected by Pawsout. Depending on future change in the market, prices may increase or decrease.

Here's the team demo video:

Here is a team Photo: