Team - Pin Fitness - Rema (14) / Piper (14) / Hayley (14)

School: Mary Mackillop College

Coach: Wayne Horne

100 word app description:

In todays society body image and obesity has become a huge impact on teenagers and the adult world. They have so many expectations to be considered that they look good, if you have a good body you are seen differently than those who don't and that can really impact peoples self esteem and sometimes lead people to harm. our app addresses this issue by a series of programs that we have to help improve your eating habits as well as your fitness. our app includes workout for all different aspects such as abs, triceps, biceps etc. we also have food recipes that are both healthy and extremely yummy, we have a find my restaurants and gyms that locate your nearest healthy restaurant that use organic product that are better for your health or gyms that are close by. We also have a variety of diaries such as workout diaries, calories diaries and just normal diaries and we have calendar to plan a weeks fitness, lastly we have a link to our social media pages. We think this app will improve peoples self esteems, fitness and there perspective of them selves and will improve the teenagers and adults of today. 

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:


What will we sell?
We will sell a healthy living app that will help you live a happy an healthy lifestyle.

Who will buy it?
The people who will purchase our app will be adolescents and adults who want to live a healthy life.

How will your business idea help people?
Our business idea will help people who want to live a healthy life and need support to achieve it.


What will you charge?
At the star we will be charging 0.99cents. If all is good, the price will be increased to $1.99.

How will you get paid?
We will get paid by advertisement of other companies within out app.

How else will you make money from this project?
If restaurants want to put an add within our app about their healthy food.


How will customers learn about your business?
Customers will learn about our business through advertisements, family and friends.

How can you encourage referrals?
Allowing people to have a play with our app for free for a short time.


The project will be successful when it achieves these metrics:

Number of customers:
We are hoping to get around 50 customers.
Annual net income:
If we get 50 customers, our annual net income will be $49.50 (or other metric)

Obstacles / Challenges / Open Questions

Specific concern or question #1
We are concerned that not a lot of people will know about our app.

Proposed solution to concern #1
Our solution to our concern, is to have a lot of advertisements and spreading the word around.

Here's the team demo video: